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Friday, 5 March 2010

Funtastic Fridays: The New Rain Dance!


This is a late edition of Funtastic Fridays really done on a Slumbering Saturday but I decided to back date it as after all it wouldn't be a Funtastic Friday if the post date reads Saturday!:)

A bit of explanation to the cartoon for those who may not know all the cartoon characters off hand or the issues being discussed...especially the Bollywood overtones and who is Sri Sri?

To be honest I've only myself heard of Sri Sri a few years now and only when doing this cartoon did I research him some see I have to also petition Pratish Mistry whose Hasta Milan website only allows me to make cartoons with Bollywood types and one or two others like Sri Sri! So when I decided to use Hasta Milan for making this cartoon...well it probably serves me right since Hasta Milan is actually a 'Portal providing free messaging services for Indian matrimony, online dating, shaadi relationships advice for Indian singles worldwide' and not primarily a cartoon making site. Although you can do it for fun too, perhaps to meet people over cartoons? So yep I was a bit props and persons for dating themes and celebrity fantasty dates! LOL! But I felt it was an easy way to get the cartoon I wanted to do and perhaps if I impressed Pratish Mistry I'd get to graduate to being a full fledged cartoonist and get to use the tools on Wonkie Cartoons with more panels and options and everything...LOL!

But really I've been wanting to do a Rain Dance...I've been contemplating it all week long...even had it up as my personal Facebook status...and found that other women have tried it before like here. But ahmmm...I can't say I am willing to go that far...but it's really not rained all February long and not a March Moisture in sight in Trinidad! And then I thought I'd make a cartoon of our Prime Minister here in Trinidad and Tobago and another MP in his party-Colm Imbert doing the rain dance but out of fear of political persecution and for other reasons I deflected from the funny thoughts of good ole Colm dancing in a hula skirt...LOL!

So there it was the cartoon I ended up with...and for the record here is some more information about things and persons mentioned in it:

1. Sri Sri: you can read more about him here. But many say his claims to work with the UN are exaggerated or taken out of context but it made him a fitting character as a result.

2. By now most people must have heard of the IPCC and they have a working group III (wg3) and they do most of the of the IPCC that focuses on the mitigation of climate change but you can read more about them here.

3. And well my fascination with rain dances and my restriction to characters of Bollywood fame made me recall their obesession to well not really do dances that bring rain but to dance in the rain! But this one by Raveena Tandon in the movie Mohra to me always epitomises 'the Bollywood Rain Dance' and perhaps a dance like that can bring rain! So here it is to add to the Friday fun to see what I'm talking about...

And on a closing note Raveena Tandon got married in 2004 or there abouts and like most Bollywood actresses have stopped acting or gone on a go slow...can't see her doing this dance again it will remain as a rain dance classic! She currently says she will only do roles that are fitting to her age and won't embarass her children! But dunno I guess maybe Sri Sri can convince her yet if it is a matter of saving the world for her children...

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