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Monday, 26 September 2011

Maniac Mondays: Introducing 'The Turtle' and his Yoga Moves!

All pictures are copyright of The Meady's Musings Production House 2011.

We have a new inhabitant at the Meady's Musings Production House and we've been so enthused by him/her (we can't tell but the niece of nepotistic fame over on the UCP desk is the one who brought him to the house and she says he is a she i.e. it's a female of the species but that it may be for us a male he will be and so not a she!) over the last few months that we've begun to observe him so closely that we think it's now madness and so hence the new inhabitant is solely responsible for bringing back the Maniac Mondays blog postings! LOL!

The new inhabitant is a red slider turtle seen here.

He was living outside the production house for a while now but only a few months ago was he fully adopted into the house as one of the animal inhabitants of the Meady's Musings Production House...along with the Purple Elephant and little mouse themselves and the monkeys, bears and other elephants. Now we have to say we never thought we'd accept a non-mammal into the house this warmly...but indeed we have to admit it is now the of the Meady's Musings Production House's animals is a reptile! OMG! Cold blooded...strange eyes and all! I can tell you it has the little mouse a bit jumpy because he doesn't want the other kind of reptiles around and they will not even be named!

But back to the the other animals at the house he doesn't have any particular name as humans do and in his case he doesn't even have a colour and size connotation to him like how The Purple Elephant and the little mouse do. Nope he just goes by 'The Turtle'. And sometimes we become so fascinated by his moves in his aquarium we call him 'Our Turtle Love'. Yep for now he lives in an aquarium but we are considering to have The Purple Elephant dig him a pond and fill it with some water soon as he seems to be growing and growing this turtle!

However while he continues to in his aquarium live he continues to amuse us with his yoga moves...the ancient yogis already have a pose named after him:

'Kurmasana (Yoga Turtle Pose) – This pose is marvelous for reducing fat from the hips and belly.'

(And we hope he doesn't learn moves from some ninja master mimicking his moves from his aquarium as we don't quite think we'd want a child aged ninja red slider turtle on our hands! Cheesy we know...but then that's pizza...dudes!:P)

So here are some of our other pics of him as we admire how he sleeps on a bed of rocks as he basks under his sunlamp and we learn from his yoga moves!

And we now all live 'Happy Together' in the Meady's Musings Production we welcome 'The Turtles'! :)