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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Tumultuous Thursdays:Dreams and Dreaming Series-Water as a Conduit to Other Worlds

Stock Photo: Young girl coming up from underwater in a pool.

We dream...we all know that...some of us recall them...some of us don't at least not all of the time...some are said to dream in black and white others in colour...some of us have even go as far as to dream lucidly but do any of us know for real what these dreams are made of? There are Freudian and Jungian twists on dreams and their meanings and these must be the most famous views on dreams out there...but what do you think of all of this?

On this Tumultuous Thursdays' installation of the Dreams and Dreaming series we on Meady's Musings delve into our understanding of the role of water as a conduit to other worlds while in the dream state! Hopefully we won't get into deep!


Photo of girl underwater published from this site

To us it is the conduit between this world and others...and sometimes when we dream we can gain access to these worlds...however these are very rare and powerful dreams where the dreamer can cross into a world that is not really meant to be accessed while in the a result the dreamer can only visit this world for a fixed small window of a time.

A human member of the Meady's Musings Production House had a dream like this once...where like the girl in our opening picture she emerged from the surface of the water at the start of her dream after pushing upwards against the surface tension of the water coming up for strong pulls of air! The dreamer then stepped on 'land' which was this place with white floors, an aisle with many doors at each side. This white place was perched where for instance the sand on the beach would be have been if you emerged from an ocean onto an island! The dreamer was in no beach scene however and was in a very big hurry...rushing out the water still breathless...running up and down the aisle trying to open door after door but not being able to as much as they tried to pull it open with all their force and might! At this stage the dreamer was panicked and very disturbed...heart racing...for the dreamer knew they were in a hurry and needed to get the door open...get behind one of the doors any one before they shut close...

You see the night the dreamer had this dream someone very close to the dreamer was in a critical condition at hospital...the person did stabilise the morning the dreamer woke up but later in the morning passed on shedding the mortal coil to join the great divine!

In retrospect, the dreamer believes in that window of time she was trying to catch the soul of her loved one while it was 'travelling' to this other world...but the dreamer wasn't allowed to see or enter that world...however the dreamer was so emotionally connected to the person who was journeying and this was a mutual connection that the dreamer was able to go just that far! Right up to where a person who were to stay alive on this material plane/world and continue to human flesh embody could go! You see we believe it was the dreamer's soul that had journeyed too up to where its loved one's soul was going but for it to remain in flesh and remain alive unlike its loved one...who was dying and would eventually die...well it couldn't couldn't go past the door! Based on the close connection the loved one and the dreamer had too...we believe it was a mutual desire for both the dreamer to go as far as they could go and for the loved one to have the dreamer stay with them and accompany them up to there as well!

Weeks after the loved one's death itself the dreamer again had these kind of dreams where it appeared the dreamer was accompanying the loved one up to a point...that particular dream however involved a tunnel not water...and we will talk about tunnels in our next Tumultuous Thursdays session...but it is also interesting to note on closing that it appears too that water is a conduit to a world where souls have not yet left the mortal coil...but is 'travelling' i.e. in transit out of the mortal coil to only be in soul form but not quite yet...whilst by the time you cross the door and get to tunnels well you have died...souls in tunnels have already left the mortal coil...ones on the other end of water are leaving the mortal coil but have not quite done so i.e. died yet!

Whoops! Seems we really did get in too deep! But on to more shallow waters and dreamers do dream! :)