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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Tumultuous Thursdays: Just Where Does All That Energy Go: Are Inanimate Objects Storehouses for the Energy of Animate Beings?

Full Moon, Trinidad Feb 2010. Copyright of the Meady's Musings Production House

We've not blogged in such a long time that we're quite wondering if we've forgotten just how! But we're eager to ask a question here on Tumultuous Thursdays as we jump right back into it hoping that blogging is like riding a bike and you just never forget how! :) So let's get to it and over the weeks we will explain to you where we've been or what we've been up to since we've been away...but now my dear readers of this here blog...on to the question!

JUST WHERE OR WHERE DOES ALL THAT ENERGY GO-Are Inanimate Objects Storehouses for the Energy of Animate Beings?

Now we know what you're immediately where! As according to the law of conservation of energy matter is neither created nor destroyed and so the energy goes no where it's just circulating all around! But that's not what we mean exactly when we asked the question. What we're wondering about is first of all according to Physics all matter has energy whether it is present in an animate or inanimate being. However according to Metaphysics one might see the types of energy as distinct in an animate object as opposed to an inanimate I mean what's the difference?

Well this questioning today on Tumultuous Thursdays began when a friend of the Production House a one Mr. Sharma dropped by and was going on about:

"can our old house or a car or a school or a tree send out thoughts in the global consciousness field to reach us in altered state of our local consciousness like dream or meditation?"

Now we had to first of all give Mr. Sharma a cup of tea and a cozy place to sit on our living room sofa, call over some other friends...notify the owner of the Production House and allow the Purple Elephant to trumpet while the little mouse put up another pot of tea before we all got to sitting around the room thinking and talking...and it was a question indeed!

We postulated that indeed inanimate objects may be storehouses for our energy...and then over time they slowly let it out again...sort of potential energy slowly becoming kinetic energy over time...I dare say at that thought the little mouse got a bit scared and kept staring at the baseball in one corner of the room and the cricket ball on the other....thinking one might just jump out at him! But not a ball in the house moved!

But surely this must be some of the things that psychokinesis is made up of no?

Perhaps when us animate objects interact with inanimate objects a bit of our conscious energy stays with them...either stored up to be released again later or reflected right away back at us or into the Universal space time continuum! :)

But the little mouse got even more scared at the thought of energy being stored up and released later on...he was about to have the Purple Elephant throw out all used items from the house...when we all allayed his fears...with the grandmotherly quote:

"No harm can come to those who pray!" And the guys from the UCP desk took him away to do just that!

But then with the little mouse gone we did admit that such stuff was what the creepy horror movies that will remain unnamed are made up of no? But not all energy is bad my readers and there must be good energy just might have been too much of a buzz kill for Hollywood to ever highlight it in film! Although there was Casper the friendly ghost!:)

But it really is something to think about no? And it's also probably the kind of thing that Feng Shui and Vaastu Shastra considers...the energy present in inanimate objects and it's impact on us animate beings!

But hey it was just our rambling thoughts today...after all it is a Tumultuous Thursday and things can get a little bumpy!

So that's it for today folks and we hope to be blogging more again out of the Production House soon...but we dare say we missed sharing those tunes with you guys out there in the after all the talks were done the Purple Elephant got out his old 45s and we all danced to 'Dream a little dream of me'...after all it was a Tumultous Thursday! :)