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Sunday, 22 March 2009

President Obama-How Does Your Garden Grow?

How My Garden Grows...

According to my friends on Intent President Obama or the Obamas intend to plant a vegetable garden ...see the Intent of one of the members Dana Shields here. So I got excited when I heard this news from Dana as I've been doing my own vegetable garden plus sunflowers and I thought...hmmm...this is great!:

"Oh my! So now I can also ask Obama...How Does His Garden Grow! ? :)
"Maybe I should go up to him and ask him if he visits the island for the Summit of the Americas and then invite him to see mines! Pastel girl scarecrows and all Im sure his daughters will love my not so scary scarecrows like so many kids seem to! :)"


You think he'll like my sunflowers...suraj mukhi?

Apparently the source behind all this is the website who won a competition as below:
"Eat the View also won the Grand Prize in the contest where citizens are helping to set a positive, global agenda for President Obama."

And they have asked President Obama to replant a Victory Garden on the White House lawn. Apparently the first Victory Garden goes back to the time of FDR's presidency when Eleanor Roosevelt insisted there be such a garden! :)

So I've been thinking if President Obama does come to the Summit of the Americas here in Trinidad in a few weeks time...and I had the chance to go up to him and ask him one question it would be:

"President Obama how does your garden grow?"

You think it would embarass my Prime Minister...does he have a garden in his new TT$100 million plus residence? Honorable Patrick Manning sir...Do you a garden grow? And what of Hazel does she from a garden fresh tomatoes pick? I'm curious I'd like to know! :)

Me and relatives planting seedlings

Anyway Hats off to you President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama...I'd like to know...How does your garden grow? :)

Thursday, 19 March 2009

How Does My Garden Grow-Sunflowers...Suraj Mukhi and My Theme Song!

This is just a short, light check in to let my readers know that I got my first sunflowers bloom on Sat 14 Mar 09! It was also on a day I decided to play Phagwa/Holi- an Indian, Hindu festival that when celebrated in India tends to relate to the celebration of Spring but celebrated here in Trinidad since my ancestors time. I wrote about it in some detail on my Universal Collective Prayer here. Of course we are in the Tropics so no Spring! So having my first sunflower bloom appear on that day was like a touch of Spring in the Tropics in more ways that one! :) Aaah...the sight and feel of a first bloom! :) My mum tends to like to call the Sunflowers...Suraj Mukhi instead which I guess is the Hindi name for it and kinda sounds even nicer when you think of it that it would then translates roughly to Face of the Sun or well literally Sun Face! Of course they are my fav things as I went on about in this blog! :) And guess what? :) I searched Suraj Mukhi and here is another serendiptious thing in a seems that in the search comes up that this is a specialty Holi sweet in India! :) Badam Pista Suraj Mukhi...a kinda barfi sweet with the decoration at the top made out of almonds and stuff but to look like a Suraj Mukhi...a sunflower! :)Check out this link to read more about this specialty sweet! :)

Also I've been playing around on Intent again and their question of the day a few days back (sorry I can't find it to link you back to it!)...inspired me to answer but also reminded me that way back when I also had this group up on Facebook...What is Your Theme Song? It really was created for pure fun...So here it is my theme song...I am the One and Only by Chesny Hawks...I know it sounds so well self serving! :) But really it is a lovely song in words too if you think about it and it is interesting that I've loved this song and considered it deep since I was like 18 or so! I recall that is when I first heard it was released around then...1991/92/93 I would probably align well with this other blog I wrote late last year too...perhaps it was what was welled up inside me since back then at 18 but I was only able to elucidate it like this now...And by the way I miss that scribblings guys Aaron Ross who used to blog on Intent and I mentioned in that post...

Anyway here are the lyrics:

I am the one and only,
Oh yeah!
Call me, call me by my name or call me by number,
You put me through it,
I'll still be doing it the way I do it,
And yet, you try to make me forget,
Who I really am, don't tell me, I know best,
I'm not the same as all the rest,


I am the one and only,
Nobody I'd rather be,
I am the one and only,
You can't take that away from me

I've been a player in the crowd scene,
A flicker on the big screen,
My soul embraces one more in a million faces,
High hopes and aspirations, and years above my station
maybe but all this time I've tried to walk with dignity and pride


I can't wear this uniform without some compromises,
Because you'll find out that we come,
In different shapes and sizes,
No one can be myself like I can,
For this job I'm the best man,
And while this may be true, you are the one and only you!

And here is the tune! Enjoy! :)

Monday, 9 March 2009

Gone Gardening Again!

I have to apologise for being away usual I've been playing on the Intent online community though and you can check out this link to see my last well responded to question that I posed only for the community there and it got 50 comments in all-Would You Choose Pain Over Non-existence? I plan to soon install my 2nd post in the reincarnation series so you can also look forward to that but for now here I go gardening again!

I went Gardening Again on Tues 24 Feb 09. It was Carnival Tues on the island and while some would have no doubt engaged in mud mass I had to me a more beautiful experience with the earth! But of course to each her own...

It was the day of my big transplant and to be honest I wasn't sure which way to go!
I even asked Grandpa Ed from the Intent community for some last minute tips as he was a gardener in his day but in the English countryside not the tropical sun. Grandpa Ed said the herbs that didnt sprout perhaps I was right in thinking they weren't suited for the climate and if I put them in the fridge perhaps they will spring. Here are those none springing pot of herbs here followed by the things that did sprout I admit I need to do some weeding in the tubs but nothing long term is planted there.

The Herbs that didn't

The Herbs that did-

Those little seedlings assorted

Those Little Hot Peppers-

Some of the Sunflowers-

So it was one of those really cool days that we've been consistently having in Trinidad again and so it was pretty easy for me to actually work at midday! Who would have believed it but in my little opinion I believe on the island were are having island cooling not warming! Just ask my good friend Dave from on intent by clicking on this link. But really in the coolish midday sun I hadn't a clue how to get started with my transplanting project. Here is me to be honest a bit confused asking my mum for advice which she could not give in any convincing, detailed way and neither could she convincingly use the camera so she shot me half way in all of this confusion...though it would be funny to include! :) After all if we can't laugh at ourselves well...

So still not knowing what to do I plodded along and created this:

Then my aunt came along and started chatting with my mother and remarked that:

1. "This was no hour to be doing gardening."

2. "They did some work in their garden this morning and now my uncle was resting
but if I waited until around 4 he would be able to help me."

Now I remarked but yea the place is really cool though...but then I contemplated that I really wanted the best for my seedlings and there was no point being hasty and then botching things up for them and their growth big time! Even if I knew what I was doing which I obviously did not, the energy that would go into the whole project would be negative if I let conflict into the whole picture! Perhaps my intent to explore this thing call Satyagraha kicked in then! :) So I the way all through this I got various onlookers remarks about what I was doing and many were amazed at my big foray into so much manual labour. Now I had expected to get hired help on the project but like is often the case in Trinidad they got ill!

My uncle did show up at 4 though and he said he also thought I was going to get hired help is why he didn't think I'd need the help from him as such. Anyway I did and it was a good thing I waited cause he transformed the bed into this!:

And then both he and I plodded on for some hours. He did the vegetables:

While I did the sunflowers:

And I also threw in some marigold/gainda seeds at the back of the sunflowers:

I started off with gloves but then took them off and was digging holes and things to put the seedlings with my bare hands. It reminded me of playing in the sand as a child. And it made me again think of the Carnival season and people playing mud mass...made me wonder...I mean don't we all just want to be a child again and play in the sand? Perhaps a lot of what we do in society is rooted out of this need to return to go back to the I always tell my mother with all this financial crisis and stuff people forget all they need are the of those basics is to eat...and so despite the ridicule of me doing hard labour and the all night pain that ensued in both my arms...there I was ensuring myself of one of my basic core

I wish I had pics to show of my labourious struggles but my neices and nephews refused to show on this day even as photographers! The things I had to say to them! :)My uncle remarked that it was probably the hardest I worked in my life! He may be right at least in a very long time...even my Habitat dig was easier!

The dog did make an appearance though but among people who I know would not want to be made famous on this blog so I have cropped him out to show him off! :) And he did try to kiss and try to hug me and even throw me on to the sunflower bed for sure! But only have the pic of him like this!:

The next day my sis in law put up these two scarecrows to mark the area in case cars parked on it and to perhaps ward off birds. Although they don't look scary to me more like little girls in pastel dresses! :) Kiddies have been dropping by to look at the little stick people! :) And so finally here is how my garden grows! :)

And I leave you with two songs that feel applicable as I write these words...Return to Innocence by Enigma and All You Need is Love by my fav although some find odd for my age The Beatles! As I felt like a child again planting returning to the innocence. And food is a basic need but so is love as Jesus said "Man cannot live on bread alone!" Enjoy the tunes! :)