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Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Do You Believe In Reincarnation?

Ok so reincarnation is basically found in all eastern philosophies or religions and for sure it is one of the central concepts around which Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism revolves around. Interestingly though I find many people although they are Hindu for instance and so would very likely have grown up around talk of the belief and stories involving reincarnation really arent that into it or give it much thought. Odd when you'd think it would be at the core of their belief?

I guess it's cause most of the Hindus I know would have grown up in a what I like to call a Christianised kinda Hindu environment you know the kind where they say they are having prayers instead of pooja and refer to the pundit officially as Hindu priest as it reads on my birth certificate for the profession of my father. I guess that's what colonization by the Brits did to Hinduism. But this is not a blog about colonization or bout religion exactly so enough of that and back to the point of reincarnation. I say not exactly because of course reincarnation first came into the global consciousness through religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. However it has gone on to take the shape of a life form on its own hasnt it?

Reincarnation has gone on to become the central focus of New Age philosophies, psychotherapy and hypnosis that uses past life regression to heal people. Long before this incarnation though it had its first emergence on the Christian front when Edgar Cayce was said to believe in reincarnation yet maintained staunch belief in Jesus Christ and the religion founded around him. There continues to be speculation that reincarnation was even part of the original Bible but removed by suppressive priests of the Catholic church. But this blog is not about that either.

What I really want to know is barring whatever faith you grew up on or subscribe to or join in communion with others weekly to give praise to...Do you believe in reincarnation? I mean if you left your past faith or faiths behind and looked at it scientifically and then emotionally from the left brain to the right and then with that third eye of intuition in the middle of both sides of your brain. What you would decide? Would you believe? Well I believe...and I believe on four levels in my case because I start off with a faith that subscribes to it and then when I look left and look right and then straight in the middle I see...

Of course this is just what I see and doesnt mean it is correct or that you see the same as me. But I find it such an interesting area for all of us to explore which is why tonight I sit and write and ask of all who read this to look at with insight. Do you believe? I feel that the universe or the Masters out there have chosen Dr. Brian Weiss for instance to spread the message in recent times because he comes form the West. He is from the white world that is still the current super power and to top it off the white dominated super power land of the United States. And in that super power land he comes form their elite universities and institutions- Yale and Columbia Universities and held in regard by his peers in the American Medical Association. So if we were going to listen to anyone in this world it might be him? Also by picking Dr. Weiss to spread the message they were choosing an original non-believer, one whose first faith into which he was born- Christianity did not preach reincarnation so he started on the other side and crossed the fence. So even more reason to believe him when he says he believes in reincarnation.

This blog is not a blatant plug for Dr. Brian Weiss or any religion faith or philosophy but just was what was on my mind of lately and was wondering what others might thing of it all...I mean Dr. Weiss doesn't need my help certainly I mean he has published many well read books and been on Oprah so doesn't need the help of an unknown blogger anyways. However if anyone reads this and feels to share let me know if to the concept of reincarnation you adhere? Just click yes or no in my little poll to let me know.

Good wishes to all and to all a Good Night!

Friday, 13 June 2008

The Best Coffee in the World!

"What do you think is the best coffee in the whole wide world?"

Well for me the Best Coffee in the World is:

Its of course based on my experiences and the coffee Ive drank so far. Also based on what I appreciate in a coffee. I prefer my coffee to be strong and robust yet not bitter, tasty yet not too complex in flavour but above all I appreciate it having a sweet after taste as oppose to a bitter one yet not compromising on the strong coffee flavour.

And the winner is...

So Starbucks is most known and drank perhaps in the US although not considered gourmet and seems the Canadians have Tim always hear bout Columbian beans and Jamaican Blue Mountain. Ive never had the opportunity to sample Blue Mountain so cant honestly compare Hong Wing to that...but have had a face off with a Venezuelan on coffee and have so sampled bout three brands of his country's brew. However to me Hong Wing is still the best. Hong Wing is just such a sweet, mild, tasty yet strong brew. That's for me how about you?

You can check out Hong Wing's official site here and get some at their store to let me know what you think about its taste. I like them even better now when see the wildlife conservation work they are involved in as well! Only in Trini perhaps a coffee company started up by people of Chinese ancestry:) Happy brewing!