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Friday, 29 January 2010

Funtastic Fridays: Who were you in a Past Life?

It's time for fun again as it's Funtastic Friday! Today, just like last week Friday I can't stop thinking about the Tumultuous Thursday blog post and it has inspired today's fun blog post! So here it is folks...Katrina Kaif appears on the reality TV show on NDTV...raaz pichhle janam ka...where participants undergo past life regression live!

Note: It also marks my debut as a cartoonist!;)

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Tumultuous Thursdays: My Reincarnation Series-'Past Life'- A New Series on Fox!

As promised on Thursdays I continue to talk about all things metaphysical...and following through on my Reincarnation Series would be one of those things. However today I have this wonderful surprise for ya! I'm going to let you know about the exciting news for those of you who want to dabble into the realm of reincarnation from another perspective not just by books and blogs and hard core research but to have a bit of fun with tickle your imagination or entertainment buds!

And the news is...Fox is premiering their own entire series on reincarnation this Feb in the form of the TV series "Past Life"! Now I have to tell ya at first I was a bit skeptical about doing this blog...I mean I wondered was this making all the stuff about reincarnation light? But I did my research about this series and it changed my mind...

My first glance at the previews for this series gives me the feel of a mix between Ghost Whisperer and Cold Case with a touch of Medium...all series that I can enjoy from time to time...

It seems like the supernaturalness and sensitivity of Ghost Whisperer meeting the crime solving parts of Cold Case with the nostalgic (back in time) pulls they have on Cold Case you know where they show you how the people looked then and how they look now...when the case is solved etc...I always liked that bit of Cold Case the best. And well I can see this series having a lot of it was back then and how it is now...except this time you aren't just going back in the person's lifetime but into a next! It's like Cold Case on steroids then! :)

And in terms of its similar elements to Ghost Whisperer while from the previews I can't say if it is going to be as sensitive and sweet as that series...I mean you really feel the love and emotion in that show...and the hurt...for sure this series is going to be exploring that. The preview seems to suggest where families are going to be searching for answers to what happened to their dead loved ones...and they are going to be finding it with the help of science and pseudo science...metaphysics. Families will reunite and get these answers and then say goodbye again as the persons move on in their new 'clothes' or reincarnations so to speak! :)The team helping them will consist of a detective, a psychologist with a knack for reading people and a smart ass medical doctor (neurologist)!

But I have to tell ya what had me more than hooked to giving this series a whirl is that same smart ass medical doctor! Not while in his character but whilst talking about his character in his real life form as Ravi Patel!:) Check this interview out about him talking about his character in the show. And in terms of his views on reincarnation...being Hindu myself too I can so relate to his point of view about it...

However do you believe in reincarnation?

Don't forget to continue participating in the poll on the left! And keep checking this space for further talks on Reincarnation!

And you can catch the series PAST LIFE two-night premiere on Tuesday, Feb. 9 at 9/8c and Thursday, Feb. 11 at 9/8c on FOX!

Monday, 25 January 2010

Manic Monday or Maniac Monday?

Many in my age group for sure would know how the tune goes...although it seems kinda retro by now...since way back in 1986...

Yesterday a friend on Facebook suggested we coin a day in between Sunday and Monday...Schumday!:) Sounded good to fact a petition might even be coming out soon to make it an official day...look for it! LOL!

But what if instead of Manic Mondays we could make it Maniac Mondays?!:)Now don't get me wrong...many people misinterpret the meaning of that word's the definition I'm referring to here according to Merriam Webster online dictionary

Maniac:a person characterized by an inordinate or ungovernable enthusiasm for something

So really a maniac isn't such a bad thing is it!? And we would especially all wish we could be maniacs for our jobs come Monday morning so hey why not...Maniac Monday! But for it to become Maniac Monday well you got to find the thing to be a Maniac about...and there lies the challenge! Now I'm not here to give advice...these blogs are always about my own journeys not to advise others...just for me to discuss my experiments in life...I know some things I'm passionate about people tell me I am or I can tell I am cause people tell me I'm only talking about it all the time and my face lights up when I talk about it and I can feel my own blood pressure rise slightly I guess due to the slight adrenaline rush? We're all passionate about something or someone or some thing thing....I guess it's also easier to find it than to incorporate in our daily lives...

So there lie the questions:

What's your passion?

But more importantly...

How do I incorporate my passions into my daily life?

Now as I said not an advice go out their my friends and answer you own questions! :) And please please don't go latching on to unsuspecting co-workers and making then your you know what! NOT GOOD! Don't be that kinda maniac please if it is the one advice I do try to give is that! LOL!

But Hey I've got enough problems trying to figure out the answers to mines! :) But be certain that I'll share some of my own passion or my junoon (which I find is an even cooler word for it that is of Sufi Arabic origin and it refers to an obsession or madness) next week on Maniac Mondays...same cyberspace, same time...maybe it will be about my writing...about how my garden I may just again grow...sunflowers anyone?...but for sure in Feb and all Feb long it will also be at times about my Vegan experimentation again and at other times linked to my UCP blog about my meditations with Shiv...but for now ask yourself...

What is your Junoon and how do I live it daily?

Friday, 22 January 2010

Funtastic Fridays-You say Centrifugal...I say Centripetal?

All this talk about Planet Earth Turning...and them forces is an ex-NASA guy's (according to the site) funny look at it...the site xkcd says you can repost their cartoons on I figure I'd reproduce it here as my first installation of Funtastic Fridays...

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Tumultuous Thursdays:Does Planet EarthTurn Slowly?

Amazing Photo taken by James Neeley. All rights reserved. Check out his profile on flickr

I've been wondering this for some time now...and then came the start of this New Year 2010 and to the strain of that Fireflies song more than ever I was wondering if it was just that "I'd liked to make myself believe that planet earth turns slowly"...but does it or doesn't it?

Well first of all if it doesn't turn slowly I think for sure we need to make ourselves believe it does...else if we didn't we'd feel just like how I was feeling at the start of 2010 until I was able to have my talks with Shiv in the meditation cave and be all centered again...Shiv does it for me...but really we have to forget the true nature of the Universe...make ourselves believe or perhaps the Universe itself or the Universe pictured in the form of Shiv makes us believe it...else if we took in the full awesomeness of it...well...we'd feel like a runaway cablecar careening through outerspace dodging cosmic blasts!

I mean think about it just like that magnifique pic I have up from Mr. Neeley where people are being pulled in by centripetal forces on a ferris wheel...well as we stand on planet earth the number of forces tugging at us are immense! And really planet earth is not moving slowly at all infact according to this site planet earth moves 1040 mph! It reminds me so much of well when I'm driving on the highway sometimes...if I pull myself out and try to think about the dynamics of what is going on I freak! But when I slightly switch off and just go with the flow of the traffic I move into it like a cosmic dance in a I think it's the same thing with us on planet earth as a whole or more so us as part of this larger space that is made up of matter and have to make yourself believe it's slow and center yourself else well you gonna FREAK OUT!

I mean but even if you switch off and go into it...isn't it amazing just the kinda speeds this little human body has to go through being bombarded by all these bigger bodies in the Universe and all these forces tugging on us...according to Newton's law of universal gravitation here are the forces bearing down on little us!

Diagrams republished from this site.

And on planet earth that little g also known as gravity works up to be 9.8 meters per sec squared!And the big G is a fella for equality he is the same everywhere in the Universe barging in at a grand approximation of 6.673×10−11 N m2 kg−2 What a ride! Damn no wonder on some days I feel so tired or upheaved...tumultuous even...hence from here on these Thurs talks will be themed Tumultuous Thursdays!

And no wonder our poor little bodies are just crumbling away at the mercy of these forces! So yep you can make yourself believe planet earth turns slowly but for sure them forces are taking their toll! So what is a little body to do? I say the most you can do is surrender to it! Go into it with no Deepak Uncle coins it...the Law of Least just jump in and go with the flow...merge with the cosmic soup and learn its dance well so you aren't part of its fall out but instead in tune with the dance...

How to learn the dance?...well last I heard them fireflies or lightning bugs were teaching...

"'Cause I'd get a thousand hugs
From ten thousand lightning bugs
As they tried to teach me how to dance"

Monday, 18 January 2010

Here it is...Here it is and Here It Goes!

I've been in the meditation cave with Shiv...and I had some insights...then I had to go through some invites and welcome back ins...then some unforeseen news I was to bear...oh dear! But then was what some call the Indian New Year! (Makar Sankranti as celebrated in UP/Bihar ...the states of my ancestors) And I think it finally brought closure to my thoughts...

So here it it is...before my heart grows heavy and my lights grow dim... and here it New Year's resolutions of plans for these here blogs and the sections of my life through which they trisect (seeing as they are three and all!)

On Meady's Musings

-Mondays: a blog of choice but this year I plan to focus on my experiments in veganism again and I will be going vegan for all of Feb to coincide with another event (I will be covering on UCP). So you can expect to see some of that thrown in with my stepping and meditation retreats to my Shiv cave!

Also I will again attempt to another garden grow and as I see fit I'll let you know how it grows after you've had your Monday Morning cup of Joe to go! :)

-On Thursdays: Expect an offering from either my reincarnation series then or some dabbling into lucid dreams or anything metaphysical of sorts! ;)We'll go slipping through time tunnels, jump into parallel worlds and fall into a flower garden filled with our dreams! I'm so excited! :)

-Friday Fun: Friday will be for fun...I will attempt to pull out a page from my book literally! Yours truly has been writing a book and I will throw out a bit of it from time to time here...but that's not necessarily fun you say? Or come on now my friends it will be :( Please bear with me! :)

However I'll not only pull out the pages for ya...from time to time I'll whip out something special...let it be a surprise for now until it unfolds...hmmm...a lot like Mr. Universe from those tumultuous Thurs metaphysical talks you say...indeed! :)

And expect to get some visits from my Purple Elephant and little mouse often on these days...I tell ya they are rearing to go! :) The bears may also bless us with a visit or two and we will even sometimes check to see what those mischievous monkeys are up to...hopefully they are still on the straight and narrow since our Advent calendar think?

On UCP-Universal Collective Prayer

I won't fix the days here but all February long I'll be celebrating Shiv for sure and during that month just like when I did my Advent calendar I will attempt to blog daily on his exploits...when things overlap you might find I will share of Shiv on the other two blogs too! And of course the big Shiv hoo ha of all will fall on Maha Shiv Ratri and UCP will be there to give you the scoop! :)

That's the only thing I've fixed for this blog thus far...other than that I will continue to explore this thing I call Universal Collective Prayer with you and blog as my exploration demands of me to share it with you! And continue to welcome you to come share in Universal Collective Prayer with me!


On Books and Films Corner

I'll try to blog here at least once a week more than likely on a Friday. I will not rehash what is already out there in the mainstream but try to share with you what I find unique to me and what defines me out there in the great big world of books and films! :) STAY TUNED!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Advent Calendar:The Last Day of Christmas!

Oh it it is...Christmas comes to an end and so too does my Advent animals are about to take off their Santa hats which they had donned and they seem to wear a bit of a frown...but chin up my friends as we join Brother Greg in Universal Collective Prayer and then look towards this here new year! :)

Dear God:
Christmas and Epiphany have passed but the spirit of generosity, light and love go on. May we enter into the story of the Magi bearing gifts. Bless us with the wisdom to honor you with gifts. May our gifts include the essence of who we are. May we never fail to offer the gift of our time, our attention, our care, our compassion, our love, especially to the marginalized among us. The star still shines, leading us to peace and truth. The star shines within us, it is the light of our deepest truth and self. Lead us to realize this Truth, this Self. May we never be parted from your light and your love.

Now taking off from Brother Greg's prayer I've been thinking about this here new year...

In fact ever since Google blessed me with awakeness on Mon by having that apple drop on my head...when F had equalled to ma courtesy the dead Sir Isaac and the F then equalled to me being awakened for the first time into 2010 and so there I went! :)

Wondering and wondering...and it made me think had I just been chasing my tail? Now this is not always a bad thing mind you...I mean we were in the dream state just before and well didn't Kelkule dream up the benzene ring by seeing in a dream a snake chasing its tail and catching it? Indeed he did! So perhaps it's not a bad thing...but I've been wondering as I step forward into 2010 as it unfolds as it should...Have I really moved forward or simply just come full circle again? In fact how I've been feeling is perfectly summed up in R.E.M.'s "Stand"...funny thing I found the perfect song to explain my feelings and it was also sung by a band whose named was R.E.M...yep you got that right the same R.E.M. used to describe the rapid eye movement stage of sleep where we do the most vivid dreaming! :)

So here it that vid of the song "Stand" while I contemplate its lines written by Michael Stipe who on this MTV video stated that he considered the lyrics inane but hey sometimes weird creative types hate their very own creations or what can I say or maybe just fresh out of the dream state we enjoy a lot of things others consider inane! :) But I really did think:

"Stand in the place where you live
Now face North
Think about direction
Wonder why you haven't before
Now stand in the place where you work
Now face West
Think about the place where you live
Wonder why you haven't before"

So as I "Stand" I've been thinking what to do in this new year...hopefully I've not just come full circle in vain just to start all over again...perhaps it is more I've completed a circle and now I shall go off on a tangent from it to create an even bigger circle! As one of my friends pointed out on facebook perhaps if I weren't just being an observer and I took things into my own I told her but yea but you see I'm not the dancer just the dance...and Shiv is the dancer you see! :) So perhaps I should go to he and ask him what dance he plans to do this year so I can prepare to be part of his wake! (A wake is the region of recirculating flow immediately behind a moving solid body, caused by the flow of surrounding fluid around the body.) So off I go again to sit at my guru's feet...but heading into the meditation cave these are the things with which I shall enter:

-Plans to blog at least twice a week on all three of my blogs.

-So yep indeed it means I will be reviving the Books and Films Corner fully! :)

-Plans to go even further into this thing I call UCP-Universal Collective Prayer which means less and less I will cover actual rites and rituals since I'd have accumulated quite an archive of those by you will continue to see more questioning...and I will be trying to get more povs (point of views) as much as I can get...but don't lose heart it will still continue to be my journey into this thing I call Universal Collective Prayer and I will always surrender unto the Divine Mother! :)

-Plans to perhaps another garden grow? (blogs about it will appear on Meady's

-Plans to explore Veganism some more... (blogs about it will appear on Meady's

But all these things will be Shiv willing and I will be heading into the mediatation cave with him tomorrow...When I come out I will tell you what things go and what if any stay and if things on the list above stay they should be better honed and planned by the end of tomorrow!

But after talking about going to see such a serious being let's come back to the matter at hand and close this calendar with a bang! :)

Those magi three they have as always come to sing for me...and I am with gifts as today is the official olden calendar's Epiphany when children are given gifts to commemorate the gifts those gentlemen three gave to the Christ child. However often in modern day times the Epiphany is celebrated on the Sun before which was Sun last Sun 3 Jan 2010 but unfortunately I was in the dream state then and did not blog it! But Bro Greg did come and left my three gifts for me(as I'm but a 4 yr old you see!)He said my three gifts were:



and tan tana!


So until Advent 2010 take care my friends my Purple elephant and little mouse tip their Santa hats to you and the bears send their love...of course we will blog on! As all the elephants just trumpeted and the monkeys continue to stay reformed!
But of course it will now be in a different light us you will see! :)

Don't forget to take those Christmas decorations down after all we must move on! And come on wipe off those frowns as we sing and dance one last time here!:

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Advent Calendar:11th Day of Christmas-The Gift of Dreaming! :)

Here at Meady's Musings Production we love to dream...not just the day dreaming,inspirational kinda thing...although we love that too! But I'm talking about the kind you have when the scientists say you are in the REM part of your sleep cycle...the time when you tend to have the most memorable and vivid dreams! :)

The purple elephant and little mouse are indeed very tired after all the Christmas rush, activities and fun and indeed can do with some sleep and the dreaming always makes it just that more fun!:)So throw us a pillow and let's go!

So today on the Advent calendar we celebrate the 11th and penultimate day of Christmas with the Gift of Dreaming! :) As we also apologise for missing quite a few days of Christmas on here but as we said on Old Year's day we all had had great, big colds so could really have done with the rest and dreaming. In fact we only woke up from the dream state yesterday when Google did the lovely apple animation to honour Newton and F was equal to ma and the force of the apple hit us on our heads and we woke up for the first time into 2010...the apple fall for us was our equivalent of the ball drop in Times square! So thankfully we are here in the New Year! :)

And here is how we'll do it on each blog:

-On Meady's Musings
: We will discuss some of the science and metaphysics of dreaming and perhaps where both of them cross paths! We will also recall past talks this year on Meady's Musings about the topic of dreaming!

-On UCP: In all the great religions of the world divine revelation often comes to the mortal coil during the dream state! We will recall some of our favourite such moments!:)

-On Books and Films Corner: We will recall some of our favourite movies out there that involve dreams and explore the line between that world and the waking state! :)

So grab those pillows and let the dreams begin!


Well there is that famous quote about the butterfly and the dream state!

"We imagine that waking-life is real and that dream-life is unreal, but there does not seem to be any evidence for this belief. Chuang Tzu, in the third century B.C., put it in an amusing way; having dreamed that he was a butterfly flitting from flower to flower, he stated that he was now wondering whether he was then a man dreaming he was a butterfly or whether he was now a butterfly dreaming he was a man." - Wei Wu Wei in Fingers Pointing Toward the Moon

And really can we ever know? Just the other day I wondered if I was in the movie Vanilla Sky and I always recall my friend from Intent-Dana Shields when I think of lucid dreaming. And I always wonder if I'm in the Matrix! I've also wondered earlier in 2009 just under one year ago...

Do the Blind See in Their Dreams?

And with 80 comments on the post...people sure did get into their dreaming! And I began then to realise just how much Dana Shields and Mr. Phillip Zeuner were into this dreaming business! :)

It still amazes me how much work people put into this lucid dreaming thing! I mean to me I prefer to dream like in the Never Ending story...I just grab my pillow and use it as a float as I soar and sink through the air pockets of my dreams or imagination! :)Or perhaps I take a ride on the Luck Dragon-Falcor that is so sweet and friendly in that movie I recall from my 1984 childhood days! :)He really was like a great big fluffy pillow! Ride wherever the winds will take me! :)