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Monday, 24 August 2009

Parallel Lives...Parallel Worlds?

Do you ever wonder about it? Followers of Meady's Musings will know yes I do wonder about can be referenced here and here And now the time has finally come to continue my wonderment in depth and I hope to have you join me on this quest...

I have had over the past few years had this reoccurring dream (not often though about a couple times) where I live in this house with my mother...she is the same physical mother I have now and at the core...the very essence she is the same being...same soul I figure...and that shines is what really marks her for me...but in the dream...she is also different. She even looks slightly different how one's looks change if they change their lifestyle and sense of style etc. The mother in the dream also has slightly different body language etc based on her different life experiences perhaps.

I'm also different in the same way in the dream as I just described about my mother...and although seriously at some deep core level I know the love and attachment between us is the same as in my normal, real, waking life...we have a slightly different relationship on the surface in this dream world...because we are a bit different and so the dynamic is a bit different.

The most interesting thing about this dream is the house and in how much detail I can picture and feel's kinda in a different dimension in a way seems not to be in this world...or not of this world in some suspended somewhere isolated from everything else like I don't get the sense that there is a real outdoors that we can go out into or like a street out the front...also an odd feeling that there is neither a night or day in this place just one dim twilight? Yet still the oddest thing is out at the front I get a hint in the dream don't ask me how I know this or perhaps you can say it is mumbo jumbo madness of the dream state except this dream is so deep as in it weighs on my emotions heavily and drainingly...the kind where you wake up disturbed and it stays with don't think it is a random mumbo jumbo dream. Well in the dream I just get the idea that out front the house if there were streets etc. in the first place it would open out to San Francisco but at the back of the house I know for sure it is a beach front...I see the sand through the windows and hear the ocean...and some how it doesn't seem to be a cold beach but a warm least Southern California...not how can this be? But in the quaintess of the dream you get the feeling that yes the back doors would open to a beach but the front of the house if the front and back doors of the house open to two different locations...And in the house I can still recall such details although the last time I had this dream was almost 6 months ago but I can still tell you how the rooms felt how they were shaped...there is this very huge kitchen that very little cooking goes on in...with long brightly lit stretches...the cooking being little is very much in contrast to my real life mother's habits...but yet in the dream that same mother although cooks not as often has just made us a batch of something to snack on...and it seems later on we might be expecting guests...these guests seem to be very important and related to her career...I think she is about to get a promotion. Also in the dream I for sure know I'm the only child and my mother and I are the real world I have two brothers and although am close with my mother I'm so certainly not the only child...and my mum so certainly not the career woman type...

Now all of this even to recall now is very draining for is why I've taken so long to come back on here and post although I had promised you readers to get back on with this parallel worlds business sooner...but I was doing this post more than 2 weeks ago and it was just too spooky to continue it back then...I felt myself seeing that place and I had to stop! Serious! Even now I feel a bit weirdy but I've come back biting my lips to carry out the promised task...

The universe sure works in mysterious ways though...Since starting this post more than 2 weeks or so ago and leaving it stagnant I've also stumbled on the works of Dr. Michio Kaku...I was drawn into this Parallel Worlds thing more by my own real life experiences and I've seen the TV series Sliders (so OK some might say that is why in my dream the house is in San Franciso but it could just be too cause I've visited there a couple times or it could really be where the portal exists! :) )...and even before I've just for years and years believed that for sure Parallel Worlds and Universes existed but had never heard of Dr. Kaku although had about a month or two ago stumbled on this NOVA series TV show that so happened to be running on PBS just the day after I stumbled on it on the station's website and so was able to view on this show I had learned about Shrodinger and his cat and Hugh Everett but not Dr. Kaku...but as I had left this post stagnant I stumbled upon Dr. Kaku having a talk with Deepak Uncle on Intent! :) right... here! So now I'm waiting for my delivery from Amazon of these two books...can't wait to talk about them on here!

So now I feel more confident about my musings...thinkings...and ramblings...cause well known Physicists...well they I can use to verify that I'm not just a crazy person...there are facts on this too! I'm no Physicist however but for sure I believe in as much as we are all allowed our own beliefs even if they can't be proven...I believe especially for each big life decision we make I believe in this life we go on with the one that was made of course and can never get the other reality back...but out there somewhere that reality exists...we can't get to go into it though and so really we shouldn't waste must time hankering over it...but knowing this helps us explain the weirdness we sometimes feel and perhaps in some small way makes us not take things so seriously too...for even though we can't have x reality and very much have to live y's one instead...hey somewhere out there x lives on...and perhaps a certain element of us is connected to it somewhere out there in the universal fluid...cause it is a different world's version of us no? So we must somehow be connected in some limited way to our billion versions of ourselves out there? To me it is here a drawing might help...but I don't have the time to draw tonight...perhaps I'll draw it some time soon as we continue on this journey though...

I know I must have just served to confuse readers in all billion worlds I exist in! :) Or maybe I should have more faith in my reader's ability to be open to my madness! :) But I say if there are these parallel worlds and universes well surely too if we are just different elements of ourselves in these worlds...well on some small subtle level we must all be connected no? So really even though me must hammer down and live in this world and carry on with things...we are really never 100% only of this some level all the worlds must communicate with one another...I'm not sure yet how this happens or what it means...and of course too I have no proof...but perhaps it is a bit of Lewis Carroll's Through The Looking Glass...

It's is why I shared my dream with you because I believe the profound feeling I have for it...well it could be a way of communicating a parallel life or universe in which I live with my mum...I shared it with my mum and she was most intrigued...felt it could be true...totally bought into it with all smiles!:) Amazing! And she has never seen Sliders as far as I know so there! It couldn't have influenced her! :)

But what do you all think? Would love to hear you views and continue on ... on this quest into Parallel Lives...Parallel Worlds and indeed Reincarnation as we go too...Please come join me and share your views and ideas on this and feel free to critique mines...also for sure will continue to discuss the works of noted minds in the Dr. Kaku, Dr. Weiss and other related literature on the topics.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

I'm Back Again!

Hey just a quick note to let my readers know I'm finally back...just a few days back from my vacation I got a bad flu not sure if swine but bad only now got my things sufficiently in order at home and in work enough to be able to slowly thread out into the blogosphere! I blogged last night on my sister blog UCP-Universal Collective Prayer and introduced my new logo for that blog.

I will be heading into those great Metaphysics topics that I'm longing to share and discuss further with you all soon have no fear! And of course reincarnation as promised! Hopefully by tomorrow a new topic will be out and about! :)

But for now let's just take a little walk in the park together on here as I share a couple pics with you lovely readers of my trip to a certain cavernous place! :) Will share more in time to come and post the album on my Facebook fan page perhaps...become a fan today! Just click to here! :)