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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Slumbering Saturdays: Apologies and such but most of all REST!

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
Copyright of Meady's Musings Production

Apologies...apologies and Welcome to Slumbering Saturdays! :) I've apologised this week already on UCP as my 'Festival of Shiv' didn't have as many posts as I would have liked to ideally churn here it is my apology now for Meady's Musings where I've not posted a single blog this week! No Maniac Mondays...nor Tumultuous Thursdays but sadly not even a Funtastic Fridays cartoon or something funny maybe!

It's not like I didn't have it in me this week...but it's like I said on the UCP apology the full time job has just been getting to me! So no evening free to blog! I've been working like a dog and so now on a Saturday I must be left to slumber but figure I should let all my gracious readers know! Next week is also gonna be a tough week but I'll try to blog all the same and for at least give you some Funtastic Friday cheer! :)

Also I've been yearning for another long vacation like the one I had to the US in June last year where one of the places I visited was the famous Myrtle Beach in South Carolina ...and I'm feeling like it might be good to be a Senorita Frog you see...or some sought of animal right now...a slumbering dog or a lazy cat even although as some might know I hate them quite a bit...YUCK! MEOW! LOL!

But you see animals they sure know how to relax...and it is what I must this weekend...I think it is why in yoga and stuff you have all those great animal positions...hmmm...and so I leave you with some of them! :)

Friday, 19 February 2010

Funtastic Fridays: Parvati Wins Shiv!

How to Win a Guy in 10 Days! Ahmmm...well OK maybe 10 years! LOL!

a comic strip!

We at Meady's Musings have to apologize for no Maniac Mondays or Tumultuous Thursdays blog postings this week but perhaps we were so taken up with our Festival of Shiv over on our sister blog UCP that well we had no time for mania and didn't feel tumultuous! :)

It is no wonder the inspiration for today's Funtastic Friday blog posting comes from the ongoings on the Festival of Shiv where Shiv and Parvati recently got married and are celebrating their honeymoon!:) We burrowed some of the pics to create the cartoon from places about the web and we hope the owners won't mind...if you do however mind and see your photo up here and want us to take it down...please feel free to contact us and we will take 'em down! But we figured it's all good advertising for you and we list you here as a source:

The beautiful illustration of Parvati meditating in the forest (in the 2nd panel of the comic strip) is taken from this site and you can buy the poster there! It sure looks like one beautiful poster to have!

The gorgeous painting in the 3rd panel of the comic strip appears to be a reprint of a painting that is displayed on this site.

For those of you further interested in the story behind this comic check out this article...believe you me it's a proper story in Hinduism and we are not mocking the religion in any way especially since if you read our UCP postings you will know that the image in panel 1 of the comic strip has been a source of much inspiration for us over the years and for this author Shiv is the supreme yogi and my ultimate guru for whom I have the greatest respect and awe so I'm not trying to make fun of him in anyway in this comic strip but just telling the Shiv Parvati Katha(story) in a more light hearted manner and in the hope that we can all have Universal fun in a way I'd like to think Shiv would will it too!

However please accept my apologies if I've offended you in any way by publishing this cartoon though...and do write and tell me Shiv willing if you like! :)I'm assuming if Shiv doesn't like it himself he'll tell me in the kindest and hopefully nicest of ways...perhaps a dream...hopefully with no snakes...please no snakes Shiv...just a nice dream! :) But some how upon reflection I can't see how such a cosmic being would too much too care whether I blogged about him in a comic strip or whom out there it may have vexed...after all there's a whole Universe...Cosmos even for him to get about with!

Friday, 12 February 2010

Funtastic Fridays: Apology

Image of a sundial courtesy this site

We apologise for no Fun on Funtastic Fridays this assured we will be back with more laughs or other comparable fun next week! :)

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Tumultuous Thursdays: My Reincarnation Series-Can People Reincarnate as Animals or Trees or Other Assortment of Flora and Fauna?

Image of Green Twist Fractal courtesy this site

Today on Tumultuous Thursdays I'm turning about a question in not only my head but also that of a commentator's head. Someone choosing to remain anonymous asked on my The Works of Dr. Brian Weiss Reincarnation blog if we at Meady's Musings and whoever reads us ever wonder about if humans could reincarnate as animals or trees or plants...or well you get the picture! :)

So today I answer...from a personal point of view which is perhaps always the best place although of course most of our perceptions and points of view are usually moulded by some other thought out there...we're all an interconnected web...not just in the blogosphere or on the Internet but in the Universe at large! But either way all we can have is our point of view...wherever it currently stands in is at that point what it here it it is:

I do believe trees have souls...and I think this is something that I would have grown up believing growing up Hindu but it is a feeling I have from them perhaps is no doubt influenced from my Hindu upbringing but they seem to have such presence...especially the majestic ones they seem like they have grand souls in them! A belief I also draw from Hinduism is the souls that choose to incarnate into trees must be great spirits! First of all the ones in the grand trees have to have the patience to stay in one incarnation for hundreds of years! And trees are considered to be ultimate seva (Hindu concept of service) givers! And I mean they don't take much and give back so much more...shade, shelter, food, all sorts of things for hundreds of years! :)

But answer the question can a human say, incarnate eventually as a tree? I'd say YES! Since to me we are all just the same spirit in essence but it seems for some reason unknownest to me...some souls they don't see this...they think they have to be different, separate...individualistic even...away from the oneness of spirit...some think they are better while others think they are lesser...some think they are smarter...some think they simply don't belong...

I think one of my favourite quotes that is Buddhist in origin best explains it...

'A myriad bubbles were floating on the surface of a stream. 'What are you?' I cried to them as they drifted by. 'I am a bubble, of course' nearly a myriad bubbles answered, and there was surprise and indignation in their voices as they passed. But, here and there, a lonely bubble answered, 'We are this stream', and there was neither surprise nor indignation in their voices, but just a quiet certitude.' - Ask the Awakened by Wei Wu Wei

So all the souls that are like these nearly myriad bubbles well they by their prakriti (nature in Hinduism) start to accumulate individuality...matter starts to cloud their matterless souls...and they take on bodies...they come to a place like here on earth where they can hoard matter, manipulate it, design it, create things with's not necessarily 'evil' but just what must they can learn their lessons...mete out their karma until they themselves realise they were simply part of the greater spirit and at that time they makes sense from a metaphysical point of view to me...they come on earth to let out their steam so to speak...sometimes it is anger but sometimes it can be nice things too like sometimes you want to create something so you come to the material plane where you can let out that energy on a sculpture or a building or to write a book so others can be guided say to come back to the big spirit...or a beautiful piece of music that would inspire this...but one thing in common with all great creations like that is they are aligned with the greater spirit and you can see the greater spirit echoed in them...they are the great ones and they also inspire and guide souls back to 'the oneness' that is the greater spirit!

Because you see sometimes such creation is needed to guide some souls that are so away from spirit and lost in matter that they have totally forgotten their original and true spirit forms! :(

So as a whole souls fall off and come to the material and earthly planes...they land so to speak...and start up their business...the bodies they take up are based on what they are meant to explore here based on their prakriti (nature of their spirit)...sometimes they must come to help out others or because they were attracted to others who chose to land and all sorts of things...but they land!

And the form they take up yes I believe can be a myriad of flora and fauna...I also believe it might be very possible that there are many other planets on the same material plane as earth where souls take souls more than likely exist not only as all the flora and fauna on Planet Earth but on other material planets in the Universe!

I think the material forms our souls come into that simply start to grow on our souls as we land on the material planes...well of course there is the biology of it so this happens in a way we can see and study in the material plane i.e. pregnancies etc...but for the soul it is just matter coiling around it!

And I think the choice of matter is based on what we need to work out here on planet if we are just a noble soul who wants to give, give and give and is willing to give up its free dancing spirit and sit on the material plane for years and years we come as a giant tree! It is why we should salute our trees as they contain such great spirit or perhaps spirits!

Then I think some spirits that just want to test out earth comes as insects and stuff so is why they come in such forms that have short life spans...or it could also be great souls that had this one thing left to sort out before they rejoined the great spirit so they come as an ant for about a few hours before they are crushed by a human. Or maybe they had to come as the ant so the human could crush it and learn some lesson or mete out some karma that existed between both souls.

I think you can go on and on about this choice of soul and what life form it manifests as here on earth...but I think for sure whatever form it takes on earth is exactly the form it needed to mete out its karma! So it is in the human form that coils around us like I came on earth as a woman of just over five feet with the desire to write perhaps etc etc...after this lifetime I may have found that I didn't relax enough say and I'd come back as a silly, stretchy cat for a few years...lazing about all over the place because I wanted to see how it would be to be like that...of course I'd then also have to deal with all the fear and aggression that exists in a cat's body too! YUCK! Please Universe don't let me come back as a nasty, ole cat...LOL!

But yes I do believe us souls can exist in any form of flora or fauna or as humans or as other beings on other planets no yet known to man! And also if I hate cats say I might really come back as one say to understand their nature better? Also I get from Hinduism that whatever is on our minds when we die and are being chosen to move forward plays a big part as to where our soul will land...I think is why in Hinduism they say to die with the lips of God on your mouth but I think God is the Universe itself so we will end up somewhere in the Universe based on the thought, wishes, desires, unfinished business we have...and we get the exact body to deal with it!

So when we come on earth or other material planes we should try to find out why we came here and get to using the body...because hey why mess around?! But even if we don't do it right...well we'll just get another body! As much as others will not have you believe...the Universe is infinite and time is irrelevent so just go on and have fun! It's just not nice to be stuck in a rut though so try not to be too reckless in the Universe as it can sometimes be uncomfortable if we take too many wrong turns in a row...but be assured it will all work out in the end! :)

Monday, 8 February 2010

Maniac Mondays: What's with My Johari Window Already?!

Maniac Mondays is back this week after all blogs were suspended due to a death in the family. As a result my vegan journey is now put off to March and the festival of Shiv on UCP is only running for 3/4 of Feb instead of all Feb long!

But the beat marches it it is...perhaps the impending death was the feeling I was feeling all through the first week in Jan but couldn't put a finger on it! But here I am starting at it again...

And what a Johari Window?!

The first problem I have with this Johari window business well to be honest is its squareness...why a square?! I felt so restricted why did I have to put things in one box and then another box here...after all I am me! I am a whole full circle really! I'm not dissected into four and certainly not squared! I just wanted to burst through those Johari window panes and be the full energy flow that I am! :)

After all remember my primary and sub-primary theme songs! :) Shall I cue them? :)And I'm always: 'To thine ownself be true'

I like the circle because to me we are all in a transition and a cyclic doing and then reflecting and then doing again...being born...then dying then being born's always a circle...something hidden today is revealed tomorrow...something revealed today can again be hidden can figure you know this today but upon reflection in two weeks you think you are wrong again...we're all just spinning around and around and trying not to drop the ball while racing on and on but going no where on each of our very own hamster wheel! :)

So STOP! And when the spinning wheel comes to a stand still just get off! Realise that you are just this big burst of energy and you can burst through any square Johari window and if your beam of light is so will impinge on the edges of your Johari window pane till it will become circular too! And then as your beam grows brighter and brighter and larger and larger it will burst the whole house open and you will be seen simply as love and its pure clear light! :)

Check out the Festival of Shiv on UCP for more talk about shapes and light! :)