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Friday, 13 June 2008

The Best Coffee in the World!

"What do you think is the best coffee in the whole wide world?"

Well for me the Best Coffee in the World is:

Its of course based on my experiences and the coffee Ive drank so far. Also based on what I appreciate in a coffee. I prefer my coffee to be strong and robust yet not bitter, tasty yet not too complex in flavour but above all I appreciate it having a sweet after taste as oppose to a bitter one yet not compromising on the strong coffee flavour.

And the winner is...

So Starbucks is most known and drank perhaps in the US although not considered gourmet and seems the Canadians have Tim always hear bout Columbian beans and Jamaican Blue Mountain. Ive never had the opportunity to sample Blue Mountain so cant honestly compare Hong Wing to that...but have had a face off with a Venezuelan on coffee and have so sampled bout three brands of his country's brew. However to me Hong Wing is still the best. Hong Wing is just such a sweet, mild, tasty yet strong brew. That's for me how about you?

You can check out Hong Wing's official site here and get some at their store to let me know what you think about its taste. I like them even better now when see the wildlife conservation work they are involved in as well! Only in Trini perhaps a coffee company started up by people of Chinese ancestry:) Happy brewing!

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