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Monday, 24 May 2010

Maniac Mondays: Finding that Elusive Happy Place!

There's this scene in the movie 'Quiz' where the lead goes home to his parents' house and although the scene is filled with so many different meanings...the relationship between a son and a father...the lead not being able to tell his dad that he was cheating on the show...etc...etc...what always remains with me from this scene is when the lead says at about 3:08 mins into the clip below:

"You know what I just had the strongest memory...coming home from school...going to the cold bottle of milk...a big piece of chocolate's just the simplicity of it...I can't think of anything that'll make me that happy again!"

And doesn't it make you wonder where is your happy place? And doesn't it really seem to become elusive after a fact in today's busy, changing world I think we don't even know where our happy place is anymore! We can't even recall it as the lead in 'Quiz' did...of course it took him to be in a spot and in a point of deep brooding reflection to recall it but...can we...ever recall our happy place? And is it elusive or can we find it and capture it again?

In my opinion it is change is inevitable...if we were to find the same happy place again it won't be the same and hence is why I say it is elusive...but don't get me wrong I'm not saying happy places aren't necessary or aren't fun or don't make us who we are right now...and for sure I'm not saying it isn't fun to recall our own happy places! :) So I dare you! Go your own happy places...the one from your childhood and the ones in your 'nowhood' and even dare to project and visualize the happy places and spaces you want to see in your life in the future...and I dare you they will become reality! In fact when they happen you will feel a sense of deja vu because you would have already been there in your mind you see...

Believe me?

Even if you don't let's just have some fun and think about all our happy places! :)

Hmmm...let me see if I can find some of mines....

-Saturday morning cartoons!
-Watching the 'A-team' while having a big plate of macaroni and cheese with baked beans...didn't have to worry about carbs or calories then!:)
-Watching Mission Impossible re-runs on a Sunday afternoon while eating curried pigeon peas and rice. (you can perhaps tell I grew up vegetarian)
-Playing in large sand heaps!
-The first time I laid eyes on my pet German Shepherd...perhaps that's the son phenomenon mentioned here on the 'Quiz' movie clip since I'm not a parent myself.

Hmmm...seems most of them relate to 'comfort food', childhood or childhood games and TV and then there a link?

Now please share some of yours with me!

Until end of June folks keep being the change you wish to see in this world! :)

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