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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Tumultuous Thursdays: Just Where Does All That Energy Go: Are Inanimate Objects Storehouses for the Energy of Animate Beings?

Full Moon, Trinidad Feb 2010. Copyright of the Meady's Musings Production House

We've not blogged in such a long time that we're quite wondering if we've forgotten just how! But we're eager to ask a question here on Tumultuous Thursdays as we jump right back into it hoping that blogging is like riding a bike and you just never forget how! :) So let's get to it and over the weeks we will explain to you where we've been or what we've been up to since we've been away...but now my dear readers of this here blog...on to the question!

JUST WHERE OR WHERE DOES ALL THAT ENERGY GO-Are Inanimate Objects Storehouses for the Energy of Animate Beings?

Now we know what you're immediately where! As according to the law of conservation of energy matter is neither created nor destroyed and so the energy goes no where it's just circulating all around! But that's not what we mean exactly when we asked the question. What we're wondering about is first of all according to Physics all matter has energy whether it is present in an animate or inanimate being. However according to Metaphysics one might see the types of energy as distinct in an animate object as opposed to an inanimate I mean what's the difference?

Well this questioning today on Tumultuous Thursdays began when a friend of the Production House a one Mr. Sharma dropped by and was going on about:

"can our old house or a car or a school or a tree send out thoughts in the global consciousness field to reach us in altered state of our local consciousness like dream or meditation?"

Now we had to first of all give Mr. Sharma a cup of tea and a cozy place to sit on our living room sofa, call over some other friends...notify the owner of the Production House and allow the Purple Elephant to trumpet while the little mouse put up another pot of tea before we all got to sitting around the room thinking and talking...and it was a question indeed!

We postulated that indeed inanimate objects may be storehouses for our energy...and then over time they slowly let it out again...sort of potential energy slowly becoming kinetic energy over time...I dare say at that thought the little mouse got a bit scared and kept staring at the baseball in one corner of the room and the cricket ball on the other....thinking one might just jump out at him! But not a ball in the house moved!

But surely this must be some of the things that psychokinesis is made up of no?

Perhaps when us animate objects interact with inanimate objects a bit of our conscious energy stays with them...either stored up to be released again later or reflected right away back at us or into the Universal space time continuum! :)

But the little mouse got even more scared at the thought of energy being stored up and released later on...he was about to have the Purple Elephant throw out all used items from the house...when we all allayed his fears...with the grandmotherly quote:

"No harm can come to those who pray!" And the guys from the UCP desk took him away to do just that!

But then with the little mouse gone we did admit that such stuff was what the creepy horror movies that will remain unnamed are made up of no? But not all energy is bad my readers and there must be good energy just might have been too much of a buzz kill for Hollywood to ever highlight it in film! Although there was Casper the friendly ghost!:)

But it really is something to think about no? And it's also probably the kind of thing that Feng Shui and Vaastu Shastra considers...the energy present in inanimate objects and it's impact on us animate beings!

But hey it was just our rambling thoughts today...after all it is a Tumultuous Thursday and things can get a little bumpy!

So that's it for today folks and we hope to be blogging more again out of the Production House soon...but we dare say we missed sharing those tunes with you guys out there in the after all the talks were done the Purple Elephant got out his old 45s and we all danced to 'Dream a little dream of me'...after all it was a Tumultous Thursday! :)


Kent Van Cleave said...

There are two fundamental principles: existence and connection. That which is, exists. It draws its meaning from its connection to other things and even connections to concepts - nonentities. Subatomic particles combine to produce atoms - and thereby gain meaning beyond their individual status. Same for galaxies, and all that is in between.

Do we store energy in inanimate objects? Perhaps, to the extent that we infect the object with our body heat. More importantly, our connection to that object becomes a part of the spiritual force through which we interact with the world. So in that respect, we do store energy into inanimate objects, simply by connecting to them.

meadysmusings said...

Dear Kent,

Thanks for your interesting and indepth response. I quite enjoyed it! Look fwd. to hearing more from you on Tumultuous Thursdays and Meady's Musings as a whole. You may also enjoy engaging with me in this thing I call UCP-Universal Collective Prayer over on my sister blog! :)

Also please let me know if in the future you would like to guest blog here...especially on Tumultuous Thursdays as this seems to be your cup of metaphysical tea! :)

Laila Knight said...

Oh my goodness, you really exist. I've been following your blog forever and have become accustomed to your absence. Glad to see you. Happy to meet you. :)

meadysmusings said...

Dearest Laila! Great to meet you too! Yep I really do exist...although sometimes I like to say I slip into a parallel world when I disappear from this blog! LOL! But truth be told I'm usually caught up in my full time day job.

I expect to be keeping to Tumultuous Thursdays on this blog for a while at least and sometimes I might post a Studious Saturdays post.

From your blogger profile I figure you might also like my sister blog UCP:Universal Collective Prayer.

Always great to meet fellow writers and love and light at ya over there in Nebraska Laila! :) And I'll be sure to check out your blog from time to time as well.

meadysmusings said...

I recently re-opened this discussion to several of my friends on Facebook who also 'like' the Meady's Musings page there:

Here are their comments in one very long comment post!

Shweta Gulati: Good thought. I believe inanimate objects can be one of the portals of conservation of walking out energy. Who knows how does Universe operate its own homeostasis. New thing I have heard is that soul walks on earth with only limited amount of its original energy. It leaves behind almost 50% of energy and its existence behind in spiritual dimension. We bring forth only the amount we require to operate this life.You are 50% here and 50 % in other dimension. That kind of explains why we wear out and need to recharge every now and then.Yes , thoughts , animate matter and inanimate matter all must be receiving it what we are draining out.

meadysmusings: ‎Shweta great point about us only being 50% makes me remember now this blogpost too...that I so often find myself going back to again and again!

Phillip Zeuner: I tend to think that whatever energy exists in inanimate objects is that which we invest. In other words, ideas such as Feng Shui as you mentioned involves how your energy is reflected within a space occupied by other objects. Sometimes the room itself produces reflections of your energy that are not harmonious, like a scratchy echo. Think of it in terms of sound. Some rooms have 'excellent acoustics', while others sound terrible. Not only the room can have this effect, but the objects in it as well. Some things will rattle and buzz at certain frequencies, others dampen and mute certain frequencies. So if we imagine that we are a speaker emanating sound, except that our 'sound' is our energies, then we can see how our surroundings and objects interact with the energy that we project. Some things rattle and buzz in our presence, while some things mute or deflect our energies. Once we leave the space, we take our energies with us. I don't have the experience that certain rooms or objects contain any kind of energy. Energy, in my experience, comes from living things only. Perhaps however, these energies that you speak of are too subtle for me to notice.

Crystal Meade: Hi Babita, With the article I'm reviewing, in the content you talk about how possessions and materials we keep around us store consciousness. Another way of looking at that would be to say, what we own becomes a part of our cellular memory. We store thoughts, memories in our personal belongings which are indeed sentient. So that's two fold on consciousness. Yes, the things we own are full of energy. Yes, some of that energy is our consciousness at work. And yes, all objects of matter be they personal or tangible, living or material, are sentient. Containing not only what we can deem programmable energy, but more importantly, maintain experience, alongside, of storing our cellular memory. (These techniques are supportable by means of calibration, and calibrated frequency) This is indeed a law of conduction/ conduit energy. We are very much like turtles, in how, we store energy related to the more of me (our memory). Permeable energy is within the Human Egg and deals with the EGO, our earth guide, and how we keep content memory as beings. A way in which we maintain our years, and reference moments, whether cherished and especial, or severe and of density. (*This comment is regarding your Feb 2010, Article, :-)

meadysmusings said...

Adriana Ochoa Margáin: Wow! We are indeed in the physical realm as a proyection of energy and information. When we inhale we inhale 22¡Wow! We are indeed in the physical realm as a projection of energy and information. When we inhale we inhale 22 to the 10th of atoms that surround us. When we exhale the same happens. We exhale 22 to the 10th of atoms. Which means that we are mere projections of this energy and information. Energy that helps us "move" our hand and information that let us know we can move it. In the realm of the mind is where we can shift this information and energy. In fact the physical space phenomenon we call body is made of the same molecules and particles that surround us. The objects are ideas that also contain energy and information of what we call a chair and a table. So, we both are projections of that observer behind the observed and the thinker behind the thought. In fact these physical space phenomena's last more that the cells of our bodies because they are ideas and they hold as more energy as we want to give them. Is the relationship the observer beholds with them that gives them more or less energy. to the 10th of atoms that sourround us. When we exhale the same happens. We exhale 22 to the 10th of atoms. Which means that we are merly projections of this energy and information. Energy that helps us "move" our hand and information that let us know we can move it. In the realm of the mind is where we can shift this informationa and energy. In fact the physical phemomenom we call body is made of the same molecules and particles that sorround us. The objects are ideas that also contain energy and information of what we call a chair and a table. So, we both are projections of that observer behind the observed and the thinker behind the thought.

We are multidimensional beings. Indeed! In this world but not of it. In the level of pure consciousness we are.

Crystal Meade: ‎@Adriana, Great frame work and line of thinking! (enligtenment, is often the light in host of mind!) very bright indeed! (Hugs!!!!) Nothing like Music, it keeps it all together!!!!

Ed Howes: There is no such thing as inanimate. All is animated - but behavior is a function of vibrational frequency. The rock says hello so slowly, you pay it no attention. 8)

Crystal Meade: ‎(@Ed, I pay attention!!!! Hugs, I think its so nice just to be communing et all about these subjects. Nice to share with like minds, and share each others songs, and ways of instrumenting.) x's o's around!

meadysmusings said...

Anurag Sharma I know nothing about this energy..I do not know its form , I do not know its frequency, but how do I know that it is just like another wave which will have a frequency, amplitude and bandwidth? I don't know if it is continuous in form with just changes in one or other parameters of its character. I have not seen its light, nor heard its music, I have just read words and many words. For me , I have no interest in inanimate, as I have much interest in animate..

I don't want to even talk about inanimate, I just want to see the live trees, plants, waves of the sea, wind blowing across the plains, I want to talk to good people who's eyes display the sensitivity to the animate..the animate nature.. I hate the inanimate creations of mind and so called innovations,the powerhouses, the space shuttles, the ipads.... so on ( I know I write all this on this type of creation, the handphone) just for the purpose that our body becomes a monolith and a storehouse, a casing for the mind. I want to touch the animate, I want to talk to the animate, I want to feel the life flowing with animate.

I come here to live, and I know not that energy that flows through me is anything else but my life energy.. I understand it as it is given to me, I am most primitive person on earth and given the choice, I would regress to the woods and disappear there, I am just a life bubble and I am happy to be bubble. I love the seven colors reflecting through my surface and I can change shape any moment and burst at will. I do not know about atom or molecule, as I don't see them around..they don't talk to me.

I see Babita, I see Adriana , Shweta, Philippe, Crystal and that is all that is know about science, if science is there, it helped to create them and me and they talk and they speak and they smile. I do not know the world of silence of inanimates, I don't like the coldness of the discussions that walls make in the night,the individual perfection that the tea kettle discusses with the lamp, the lamp which keeps talking to empty locker... inside the hotel room keep. I don't belong to them, I don't know them. I am a small mindset person and I am happy in my small world.. I am happy for my animate nature, and that's the way it should be.

meadysmusings said...

meadysmusings (Babita): Thanks everyone so much for the's great to have these talks/discussions again! Wish we could have them more often. I'll try to blog more often in the next few wks. Most of you are already fans of my page so would be great if you guys can write comments there. I'm going to paste all these comments into one big comment on my blogger page for Meady's Musings as well so all the discussions will be in one place.

In terms of what I think about all this further...and before I begin Anurag you are the Mr. Sharma I refer to in the blogpost as you were the one who was asking about inanimate objects and there energy back then! For the record I put off getting any 'i' things for a very long time for various reasons and now I have an iPad that I love! And I'm also sorry for not coming to Bangalore on my trip to India but I hope to on my next trip that will hopefully be soon. You are welcome to visit me in Trinidad anytime of course.

Crystal when you say we think like turtles....hmmmm...but I have a pet turtle you know! :)

Adriana I hope my conf trip to Cancun in late June works out and we can finally meet! :) As a chem engineer your comments keep reminding me of Avogadro's constant LOL! :)

Oops...clicked returned without being done....

In terms of my own opinions in the matter I like Anurag feel I get that all animate things have energy...and believe me not everyone gets that it seems as many people don't feel it's sensible to hug trees or talk to plants....and some people still do refer to animals as 'dumb animals' but hey I talk to my turtle! But I've never gotten the inanimate objects bit...I guess the easiest ones to first get might be the rocks and minerals etc somehow by their pure/crystalline nature perhaps? I'm still awaiting a crystal gift from Arizona from a friend( OLeo )...but it's hard for me yet to still get them...go yep Ed Howes the rock must really just say hello too slowly after all I'm an insanely fast speaker (can't help it although don't think it's good) that I even miss when some people talk to slowly! LOL! Hmmm...maybe I need to have a word with the Rock Biters from 'The Never Ending Story'?

This Thurs I plan to publish a Tumultous Thursdays post on my blog about Energy that I've been working on a few wks now on and off but never completed...will again be interesting to hear your views so I will alert you all to it when I put it up!

meadysmusings said...

Adriana Ochoa Margáin: OMG! I wrote the same thing like ten times! You know I tried to post it and it said sorry try again, try again and it really did it in the most bizarre way, this indeed is energy hahahaha!

Crystal I hope you understood this kind of energy messy soup, but love it because you are here and that is energy dancing. Ed, you are right it speaks as we hold a relationship with each rock, because we believe it. Hey Anurag, just love your words so, let us animate just by thinking and believing. Right now I am animating the sea and maybe you can see it or not but you believe and that is being created. Our senses are the most deceiving of all, they told us: see to believe but it is the other way around: believe to see.

Babs, we shall meet and I am sure it is going to be sooner that later. Did not get the Avogrado's. Tell meeeee, pleaseeeeeeeeee.

meadysmusings said...

Ed Howes: Babita, learn to imitate OSHO. I love watching him choose his words.

Adriana Ochoa Margáin Alice (Babita), moving your wonderland as always... missed thisa magic.

meadysmusings (Babita Dubay): ‎Ed Howes I've read many of Osho's words but I only mimic one guru!:) Guess who?:)

Adriana Ochoa Margáin: GURU= Gee, yoU, aRe, yoU...

meaydsmusings (Babita Dubay):Adriana see this link it's the base number used to refer to atoms, molecules, ions and electrons and is per mole of the thing. It's number is expressed as 10^23 so your post to the 10^22 reminded me of it!:)

meadysmusings (Babita Dubay): No I meant Baba Shiv! :)

Adriana Ochoa Margáin Got it my sweet b. I knew it was Baba Shiv but also, you are.

Anonymous said...

Good post Babita and the collation of thoughts..

Mr Sharma