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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Reincarnation Series: The Works of Dr. Brian Weiss

When I first mentioned Reincarnation on this blog in the very beginnings back in Jun 2008 under my 2nd blog post ever Do You Believe in Reincarnation? I had just finished reading some of the works of Dr. Brian Weiss. I may have heard of his work previous to my reads perhaps on Oprah and the likes but had not read any of his works until the first half of 2008. I can't say exactly how I stumbled on to buying and reading his books but I know I went on this special reading journey and I bought all of his books off Amazon so they may have kept recommending books for me in groups...of course they are such marketing geniuses over there! :)And of course I'm always reading many books but I think there was this voracious, intense period that started when in Dec 07 I was browsing in my favourite(non-virtual)book store and my eyes fell upon this title- Joy:The Happiness that Comes from Within. Immediately it reminded me of something someone had said to me many years before and I bought and read it. It was my first discovery of the world of the radical '70s guru out of India OSHO. I quickly after reading that kept looking for other titles by OSHO and subsequently bought and read the OSHO title From Sex to Superconsciousness. Then I subscribed to the online OSHO library and read more of his teachings. All I know it was after that batch of reading that I got into the reincarnation readings and started with the work of Brian Weiss.

I figure I stumbled upon Dr.Brian Weiss because he was so famous and I perhaps like the majority of the world continued with him as a first choice because as I wrote on my first post about this topic he was on Oprah, he was a doctor and a psychiatrist at it and had the sticker of approval of education from Ivy League schools in the US and the bigger sticker of endorsement from the American Medical Association.

To be honest though so much further along the journey it really doesn't matter as you might realise Dr. Brian Weiss himself might say. However one reason that I chose to read him too which is still a valid point for me today is that he grew up in a Judeo-Christian society and is from a Christian background. So to me he is one of those, unlike me, who had to cross the fence of his religion to believe in Reincarnation. Therefore to me he took more convincing and to me that makes it more convincing that there is this thing called reincarnation because he was converted to believe. To me that says what convinced Dr. Weiss had to truly be a phenomenon and not something born out of generations of mental conditioning! Also Dr. Weiss had to risk losing the respect he earned from getting those stickers of approval from Yale, Columbia and the AMA to let us know what happened to him. So that also makes me want to believe him from janam to janam...birth to birth! :)

What makes me question Dr. Weiss at times however is that most of his writings are about his patients who go way back in time only and usually are living in these fabulous, exotic eras. No they aren't famous figures themselves but they live in sweeping epic times so far away that no one can verify the authenticity of their descriptions. How come none of his documented stories has patients speaking about their incarnation just before this one perhaps a simple house maker in my little ole island of Trinidad in the 19th century perhaps? As you will see the journalist, Thomas Shroder who wrote a book I later read Old Souls also wonders the same thing and perhaps he made me question Dr. Weiss' work a bit more when I read his book but he himself was no doubt going on to endorse reincarnation. And perhaps he was just uncovering his own piece of the puzzle a work to compliment Dr. Weiss'?

I have read three of Dr. Weiss' books:

-Many Lives, Many Masters
-Only Love is Real
-Same Soul Many Bodies

Of the three reads I guess I'd have to say I liked Only Love is Real the most but of course it wouldn't have made sense or I would not have believed if I didn't read his first work ever first-Many Lives, Many Masters. But yep I guess everybody loves a good love story so surely Only Love is Real will be many readers fav. But also it has some clear definable things in this story. I mean Only Love is Real goes a step beyond in proving reincarnation cause here you have the evidence that it wasn't just going on in Elizabeth or Pedro's head because they both had parallel similar verifiable experiences. You have to pardon me because I've read these books about a year ago and their details do not live in me as when I had just finished them...but I guess also everybody just loves the idea of soulmates and that there is someone out there from everyone. I find it a lovely idea and ideal too but then often wonder well look at the real world how do things end up like this if that really exists?! But I still believe! :)

Another thing I initially found far fetched in Dr. Weiss' works in the book- Same Soul Many Bodies is the idea that one soul could be living in several bodies at the same time leading parallel lives right now! I now find it much easier to believe however! Say live and you learn! :) I now believe that apart from that we are not only like that but that there are infinite planes of existence based on choices we make in life and at each juncture there is a life being lived that is different to yours where an aspect of you lives on that plane where the choice was different! Add the choices of others onto that and you begin to understand what infinity is and why it can't be grasped yet alone defined! I don't want to complicate this already tough topic further but other words infinite numbers of Babitas out there leading parallel lives on different planes! :) Sometimes I feel like I can feel the other Babitas just in a kinda subtle way! :) And of course you all know it too and it has been the stuff of many versions of Sci Fi things already one of the most famous shows being Sliders where the stars are sliding in and out of various versions of San Franciso sadly their own version is lost to them and they are trying to get back to it! :) So this Babita please stay put right here...ahh the power of Mr. Eckhart Tolle's Now! :)

Also in that same book of Dr. Weiss' Same Soul, Many Bodies I'm a bit iffy as to how easily he says people can go back into their past lives through regression...just relax lie back close your eyes and voila! Swell if it can be true though but I'd always be self skeptical that I wasn't just putting my wishful thinking into it! :) Darn a toughie it always is when you aren't sure if you can trust yourself! Also I don't know Dr. Weiss...projecting into the future? But yep that's what he also mainly talks about in Same Soul, Many Bodies.

But really if we are a soul we should not be bounded by time and so should we not be able to jump back and forward in it and also not exist in one plane alone? So I guess our souls can be 'Sliders' like in the TV show and Time Travelers without the need of any gizmos?

But really all of this is just preamble to the lovely chat and discussion I am hoping this will come on now don't be shy let us create a lovely tapestry of thought on this reincarnation that could never be store bought! :)And Adriana my Mexican friend please tell us about the time you met the good doctor yourself! :)

Later on I hope to talk about the other books and other people who have done work in this area and documented it. The next one up will be the documented case of Shanti Devi which to me is the real deal! And the book I bought on it at Amazon at a price that was a real steal! :)


adriana.ochoa said...
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adriana.ochoa said...

I had previous regression experience during my Thursday sessions with my guide and teacher. I'll talk about them later, great stories! Something trigger inside me and I went from 1400 to 1960. I could not stop talking, the years went by and also my words. I can’t say they were real past lives, but it was certainly a real experience to me. It felt like much more than a typical meditation or visualization experience. The best way I can describe the feeling would be deep nostalgia.

After this... days went by like in slow motion I was completely and utterly stunned, I just went over and over the events. I felt I needed more time to process it. That is when "Only Love is Real" got in my hands and then I read "Many Lives Many Masters."

A month later I heard that Brian Weiss was coming to Mexico to give some workshops. I bought three tickets and took my mother and my soul mate George to see him.

He has the voice of a saint kind of hypnotic, he is relaxed and has the patience of a saint.
As a first world citizen, he presented a long list of credentials. Then he told the story of how from being a therapist he leaped to another ground, due to an experience (narrated in one of his books "Catherine"). He realized than in a regression the patient was talking of a past life.

Then, Dr. Weiss provided lots of background on past life regression discoveries. He presented some of the evidence that suggests we may live multiple lives, such as people recalling identifiable info about past lives they could then look up and verify. Sometimes when people would visit the birthplaces of their former lives, they’d get an eerie sense of familiarity. Brian also cited cases of xenoglossia, where people can speak other languages while under regression, supposedly from their former lives. He talked about the latest in hypnotic regression therapy. He said that when we discuss what happens before we are born and after we die and also our possible future lives, we awaken from the constrictions of our past conditioning to release anxieties and fears.

This was a large group, he told us that he was going to use techniques including hypnotic regression exercises, healing visualizations, intuition and right-brain training. I would save this for later comments because they are going to be very useful.

Afterwards he asked for 3 volunteers, I raised my hand as high as I could and... he picked me.
One lady that had an awful pain was the first, I remember how time went so slow and I do not pay attention to where or what kind of life she had. Then it was my turn, I had no pain or disease at all I just wanted to be sure that what I had experienced before was kind of real and not my imagination.

He held my arm and sat me on a sofa he had on the stage. He asked me what was bothering me or if I wanted to resolve something. I just told him that for some reason after my first child was born I started to hear less and less from my right ear and wanted to know why. His hand was holding my arm all the time, he just took a standing position, he was standing behind me. He placed his other hand with a certain position in my eyes and face. He said "Adriana, relax breath in, we are going to find out what was so loud that you just shot it off" I felt how my pulse was slowing down, I was feeling sleepy. He pushed his finger to my eye lobs so hard I felt I could not move. He let go of my arm and he just snapped his fingers and something unexpected happened almost immediately. As we were just getting started with the relaxation process, I felt an intense surge of emotion. I wasn’t even visualizing anything yet, but it was so intense that I started to cry, seemingly for no reason. The feeling was like a combination of intense joy and deep sadness. Tears were streaming down my face, and I had no idea why. This isn’t my typical reaction to deep breathing exercises. I figured maybe I was having some kind of pre-action to what was to come, so I just let the emotions run their course without resistance and continued following Brian’s instructions as best I could. As soon as we started doing the visual portion, a full scene opened up to me immediately. I had some pre-conceived notions of what kind of past lives I may have lived, but this wasn’t one of them. I just heard him say,
"Why are you crying?" I am heart broken, I felt in love with him immediately and he is a traitor.
"Where are you?" The capital of Boheme, Prague. I am about to hang myself from Charles Bridge, it is brand new so it will hold me tight.
"Why are you killing yourself?" I am not going to be able to look at may father's face again, the troops of the Habsburg just made a triumphant entrance in the Cathedral during the wedding ceremony. The noise was awful I do not want to hear, why did I not listen to my inner voice. I knew he was a traitor!
"Calm down do as you must but talk about it?"

I saw it all in fast motion, like many images conveying at the same time. Was the daughter of an earl of the Bohemian Crown. My mother died giving birth to me. I had as a teacher a man that knew everything about the stars, holly architecture, healing and of course was a master of Alchemy. I was ready to get married to the Habsburg Archduke and felt in love at first sight. This time as I looked in his eyes I realized it was not George. I discovered that the Crown was about to conquer us and was using me as leverage. I went on with the wedding because I was infatuated by that beautiful man.

"Go on do as you must, but remember it is your choice." As I died I floated above the scene I also hoped that whoever learned of my death would not try to stop me. I saw how the young and beautiful Archduke looked at me, and his face was filled with pain. Even though my death was sudden, it still felt very peaceful. I was dead, I felt no anger or resentment towards them. I was surprised but not afraid. It felt like I was supposed to die this way and that everything was perfect.

From a distance I heard a soothing voice, Dr Weiss voice, he said "Adriana now you are here take your time to open your eyes."
I do not know what were the word he uttered, I suddenly opened my eyes. My mom and George could not tell me because they were so surprised they were not paying attention to his words. This scene may not mean much anybody, but to me it was a very emotionally intense experience. For the rest of the day, I couldn’t even talk about this experience. I felt I needed more time to process it all.

meadysmusings said...

Adriana! Thanks for posting your experience here and sharing with readers who pass through my blog! Looking fwd. to discussing this topic more on Intent if the discussions go long I will post a link to it here to Intent so anyone visiting can check out the talks there as they unfold...!

Thanks Mexican internet lady! :)

With love,
Your Alice! :)

Janaki Gopikrishna said...

I am currently reading messages from the masters and its really beautiful

meadysmusings said...

Hi Janaki welcome to my blog! :) I guess that book you are reading is a Dr. Weiss book too then? As in reading the three books of his so far yep in between there are a lot of messages from the Masters segments. Usually when the patients had just left their body and had no yet re-entered another and we floating. Well depending I guess on thier attunement to this or spirituality level like Catherine gave messages from the Masters for example in the first classic book Many Lives, Many Masters but not all the patients he had later on did.

You should check out only Love is Real as well if you like...also at the top of my blog I have entitled 'For My Reincarnation series'the range of books I except to touch on in my series...

Up next when we have discussed this topic some more is the Shanti Devi case...stick around ...come back then...let's chat some more...:)


Everytime I read your comment when you say you put up your hand... I keep thinking of how donkey in the Shrek film keeps jumping up and down at the start of the dvd I have and says pick me! pick me! pick me! :) And I mean that in a nice way not in like you are an...after all donkey is one of the most popular characters out of Shrek.

I guess I can so see your exhuberance too! You are full of such bubbling overflowing energy no wonder you headed on an adventure to see Dr. Weiss! :)

Blessings to you both.
And let the talks on Intent continue to flow,

tush said...

I read dr.weiss books long time back and was really influenced by them...but i never read about anyone who has themselves experienced the things told in the book...i really felt nice after reading adriana's comments...if you people have something else to tell then keep on posting...

meadysmusings said...

Hi tush,

Welcome to Meady's Musings...I'm currently on a brief vacation...I plan to continue my reincarnation series when I get back in the first week of July so you can hang in there to check it out...feel free to follow us on Twitter or join the fan page on Facebook...

And I'm glad these discussions engage you and look forward to hearing your viewpoints in the future...

Anonymous said...

hi all.i have a lil question.agreed that we all have lived past lives.but have we always been in human form.what about being an animal once , a plant another time.a bird, a caterpillar, a snake.are there no souls inside the other living beings on earth??

meadysmusings said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for reading and commenting!

I've often wondered about this myself...and for your interest I will explore this concept as an entire blog post on this Tumultuous Thursday's posting...look for it on Thurs 11 Feb 09!

From my personal point of view I can give you a heads up that I do believe for sure trees have souls...and that the highest of beings choose to go into them...I think on the other hand souls who want to be on earth in a shorter (with the exception of tortoises perhaps!)less contemplative life...more just observing and enjoying nature as it is in a way take forms as animals ...but there might be exceptions to this rule too...these things I purely base on my intuitive feeling as a being on planet earth...but I will research it some on the blog post and welcome reader's views as well.