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Monday, 16 February 2009

This Blogger is Back!

I am about to embark on my reincarnation series that I've been threatening to commence for sometime now...In fact since way back here when I opened the poll:

Do you believe in Reincarnation?

That I've kept open by rolling over from last year. And you can feel free if you've not participated as yet to click on it on the left...

So as you can see I was a new blogger then, back in June of 2008.

But before I finally embark on my series..This is just a shorter post to say...this blogger is back!

Perhaps it is my involvement in this never ending thread that I posted only on the Intent community Do The Blind See in Their Dreams? that kept me away. Or probably it is that someone had my muse ensnared but luckily he was not eaten and my poor baby manicou escaped! To live another day and me inspire to set this keyboard afire!

So here I am I am! Hopefully the one that you Love! :) Asking you for another read...And hopefully just like in that other Air Supply tune some memory of me remains! :)And only I can fill that space inside! And there is no sense pretending-This Blogger is Back!:)


Elspeth said...

Hey, welcome back. You sound fired up and ready to go. Interesting, I've always been fascinated by the blind, since I was a child and saw a blind girl at a Christmas concert. Curious about their dreams, etc and have wanted for a long while to do a video project with them on it. I used to read to a blind-from-birth woman (so she could type braille text books for the children) and we would have many interesting conversations. She dreams in sound (like the man you mentioned on your Intent blog). Wow, definitely interest there judging from the amount of comments! Fascinating subject. A whole other world of the senses.

meadysmusings said...

Yep! Elspeth...was interest beyond my wildest dreams! I think even though I also was writing back to people in that count and there were a few meanderings off thread that must be the most comments ever on a blog on Intent so far there even ones by Deepak Chopra! :) Not that it matters of course but it is just that such a stir was not anticipated!

I listened to this very interesting broadcast they put up on Intent last night off of Deepak's Sirius radio XMI channel and such lovely stuff people on the show were doing in the US! And Deepak is such a lovely, simple, down to earth and gracious host on his own show! Made me think of options here and you came to mind...I've had some many ideas in the past...hearing these people doing some of the things they are doing made me realise perhaps it can actually happen here too but of course will have to be adapted for here and our particular challenges, circumstances and culture! Maybe you can do and actual documentary asking blind people what they dream of? It would be great!

WOW! I didn't know you were involved in Seva for so longer so lovely reading to the blind lady!

meadysmusings said...

BTW what you think of my cheesy and corny Air Supply songs! :)

Elspeth said...

Air Supply is okay Yes, kind of 'cheesy', but if it's the message you're after, why not?