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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Gone Gardening: My First Harvest!

OK sorry for not sharing with you as it happened but for those of you following my gardening it is My First Harvest! :) It actually occurred on as the picture tag will show... 20 April 2009!

It wasn't reaped by me but then my gardening project has always been community based. It was reaped by one of my uncles- no pictures attached. The said uncle who one morning secretly weeded my garden and I figured...hmmm...someone has been weeding my garden?...and figured it was him...but then he came to say the "He had done it like Rumpeltstiltskin" his words! you see those nursery rhyme terms run in the family! :) But he didn't expect anything in fact he then proceeded to pick the first harvest and leave it with my mother!:) As you can see it pictured above it was the Cherry Tomatoes he picked...they're definitely delicious to eat just raw and yep can definitely make up part of a raw or semi-raw diet if I decided to go back along that road! I've since had them both raw and just tossed into other dishes semi-raw or all cooked up...delicious all ways...and yep it does taste like a cherry a bit mixed with a tomato and is a burst of flavour! I've even since gotten a second batch as pictured below:

And my sunflowers seem to have almost completed their cycle...sorry was a bit taken up to do more pictures also my mum has been accusing me of going picture crazy and perhaps she is right...although yep it is to share on the blogs but...and yep I will do more sunflowers soon and will this time shoot more pics when they are all in their full bloom...some marigolds are springing too so that should be good...

Definitely more photos should be in the works since I'm planning to acquire new tech toys soon and will be blogging in more style come the end of June or so just wait and see! :) One tech toy which I am excited to test out soon on a trip to a certain cavernous place is as below. Check it out I thought it was an excellent Amazon buy! :):

As I leave you I'll have you know that not a single fertilizer was added on this grow and my little Ratna eggplants have borne fruit...also even my tiny bell peppers are now flowering for so!:)


Elspeth said...

Hi - the cherry tomatoes look delicious! You're making me feel to plant some. I really should ...

The camera looks cool. You'll have a good time with it at the cavernous dreamplace that I myself will one day visit ...!

meadysmusings said...

Hey I should have spot you some...but with shelf life and my busy life...hopefully I'll remember to get you should of the big Italian ones when they come in...but these cherry ones ideal for the raw livestyle so yep you should try a plant! :)

About the cavernous dreamplace...hardly a photographer in your class hence a point and shoot and not an SLR etc...but will see if I can try to capture something for ya till you make it there! :)

For shoppers my understanding is it is the next best thing to an SLR and it was just out when I got it...looked hot! :)