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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

I'm Back Again!

Hey just a quick note to let my readers know I'm finally back...just a few days back from my vacation I got a bad flu not sure if swine but bad only now got my things sufficiently in order at home and in work enough to be able to slowly thread out into the blogosphere! I blogged last night on my sister blog UCP-Universal Collective Prayer and introduced my new logo for that blog.

I will be heading into those great Metaphysics topics that I'm longing to share and discuss further with you all soon have no fear! And of course reincarnation as promised! Hopefully by tomorrow a new topic will be out and about! :)

But for now let's just take a little walk in the park together on here as I share a couple pics with you lovely readers of my trip to a certain cavernous place! :) Will share more in time to come and post the album on my Facebook fan page perhaps...become a fan today! Just click to here! :)

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