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Friday, 12 June 2009

Leaving On a Jet Plane...

Just a brief note to let my followers know that I'm off on a short vacation...know on the whole I've not been blogging often and it is for sure not as often as I would in there is quite a bit I'd like to put forward here but only when I have enough time to hone my thoughts, ideas and feelings...meditate on them...well muse on them before I type...On my vacation as I mentioned here when I spoke about my camera I hope to visit a certain cavernous place and so you can look forward to pics of that hopefully if all goes well when I get back. As mentioned then on the whole you can expect to see lots more from me picture taking wise after I get that camera and perhaps video capturing wise as well...

Here is just a snapshot of other coming soons that are playing around in my musing head...

-Continuation of My Reincarnation Series and I pledge to stick with it this time...

-Talks on Parallel Lives...Parallel Universes...remember when I talked about Sliders and many, many, many, many Babitas...infinitely large numbers of Babita Dubays here! :)

-Talks about the Mother I touched on here.

Also sadly I won't be able to take part in the Intention Experiment this time around as it will be on just as I end my jet plane journey to another land...but please check that lady Lynne Mc Taggart and her Intention Experiment to clean up polluted water somewhere on the globe right here! :) How cool an experiment it is! :)

So looking forward to musing with you guys again in early July! :) When I didn't have the words to talk about my parallel lives a certain blogger friend created this parallel universe for me and others to play in here and it was such fun...and since I hope to see racoons, bunnies and perhaps who knows badgers, hedgehogs/porcupines even on my can check out this link to his Wonkie cartoons and the picture in that wonderful universe is the picture that goes up as my blog picture for today! :)

For those of you who engage in Universal Collective Prayer with me on my sister blog click here to check out my plans for over there...

See you soon! :)

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Elspeth said...

My caption: "I told you to read the label before applying the lipstick! So don't come crying to me that your tongue is stuck on that Crazy Glue."