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Friday, 30 October 2009

Upcoming on Meady's Musings and the Beautiful Sarah Maria!

Just taking a few moments to share with you some upcoming events/series on Meady's Musings. I know I've been idle in following up with my reincarnation series which has since extended into talks on parallel worlds and things metaphysical as a whole!...but it is my musings and well I have to muse before I write! :) I'm still reading Dr. Michio Kaku's book Parallel Worlds and I'll be sure to follow up with some posts soon! However here is a listing of some posts to come:

- Raw/Semi-raw Yet Again!:
I've gone very offtrack in the things I've been eating over the last few mths and I feel a good way to get back on track is by going all cold again literally as eating semi-raw does make me feel so cold! But will do it for the month of Nov a nice sort of body rest, fast and/or cleanse of sorts between the Diwali and Christmas seasons of eating aplenty! Hey luckily I live in the Tropics so it's not that cold! :)

-Reincarnation...Parallel Worlds and All Things Metaphysical For Sure!
: I know...I know all my false promises but they will be coming Universe willing for sure!:) I've even opened up a virtual cafe of sorts on Facebook open to some special friends mostly from Intent! :) And out of it might be finally putting together a novel I conceptualised since in 2003! So you realise sometimes you do have to wait on me! :) But hey the Universe is infinite and time is fictional so you are going to get that book out one day publisher willing or not...and for sure many blog posts to come! :)

And in Dec yes...oh yes!...

My Advent Calendar:
It will be on again and I'll be resurrecting my Books and Films Corner blog again! As I look forward to celebrating Christmas again on all my three blogs and dancing with those Three Wise Men again! :) BOY! Have I missed them! :)

And speaking of much loved friends and Intent...that's the next thing I wanted to speak about...THE BEAUTIFUL SARAH MARIA! :) from my interactions with her on Intent I have to say she truly is a beautiful person both within and out. And I highly recommend that you check out her new book...LOVE YOUR BODY, LOVE YOUR LIFE! :) For sure the beautiful being that she is...she should be able to share with you a thing or two if you need some tips on loving your body and your life!:) Or maybe you have a friend...sister...daughter etc who you think needs to embrace themselves more fully and for that check out Amazon to get the book right here!:

You can read more about Sarah Maria on her website-

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