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Monday, 9 November 2009

Semi-Raw Yet Again!

It's the first time this year I'm trying a semi-raw kinda raw but vegan for sure diet but if you've been reading me since last year you might recall my similar adventures in eating last year around the same time. Perhaps a year is what it takes to come back to this place but I've decided to give it another whirl. It was suppose to be all November long but I was ill planned for the challenge last week. Although I did generally eat way less last week and lots of vegetable soup only I guess I was prepping for this! In case it is also not recalled I've always been vegetarian so my transitionary journey is never as drastic although apart from cutting out the dairy I try to cut back on junk and eat less as a whole. Even last week just like how I felt last get to realise just how little food you really need to live and how much you need water! I'm also saying goodbye to Coke Zero and/or Coke Light and all of the Coca Cola company well except perhaps their Dasani for this! And even today my teeth feel better already! And in the past it was my teeth that prompted me on the journey!

This time around the economics of not buying lunch all three week journey long has dawned on me for the first time! And let's just say if I keep up like this for the rest of November I stand to save a pretty penny...somewhere in the US$100+ range! However the loss of socialization opportunities over meals shared is not ever easy and it's yet another dynamic to eating raw you see!

So here it is!Today is my first day back semi-raw kinda raw again and this is what into my mouth went in the order it went in too!:

-two bananas
-one apple
-a cup of Twinings green tea sweetened with one packet of Splenda (no cream although I usually drink evaporated milk in my tea and I'm thinking tomorrow I can try to drop the sweetener altogether!)
-one more apple
-one black plum
-one more cup of Twinings green tea
-one head of broccoli and six large white mushrooms sauteed
(only very lightly for warmth really just like I did in the past) in one teaspoon of olive oil with a handful of assorted nuts tossed in...seasoned with a dash of salt and some chilli pepper seeds.
-one bowl of dhal (the yellow kind) made thin (the way i like it)and the dhal mashed up
-16 oz of OceanSpray Cran raspberry Light (i.e. also partially sweetened with Splenda and supposedly free of artificially added stuff otherwise)
-lots of water throughout the day!

And that was it for me! And amazingly I was also able to do some walking after dinner too so I've walked about 1.5 miles in all today! That's something I want to focus on this time too...getting in some exercise despite eating like this! :)

So happy day one went this well for me! :) Wish me well to continue on with my purple elephant marching forward please! :)

By the way I check how much I walk with my lovely steppy thingy! i.e. my Omron pedometer! See it below...


Elspeth said...

Didn't see your pedometer. You can try sweetening with Stevia, which is a natural sweetener. You can get it as dried stevia leaves. Check health and herbal stores. You can also try Agave nectar if you can find it. Good luck with it. You sound like you're doing well so far with your semi-raw.

meadysmusings said...

Hey Elspeth,

I've heard a lot about Stevia...infact just yesterday I put on the radio and this man was talking bout long chained sugar stevia...and also agave nectar...However I was able to drink the tea yesterday without any sweetening what so ever and it was fine! :)

I think my Amazon widget with the pedometer disappeared I will fix it soon!

Thanks for the encouragement!