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Monday, 22 March 2010

Maniac Mondays: To Have a Prehensile Tail?

For weeks and weeks as mad or wacky as it sounds (hence its entry under Maniac Mondays!) this Meady's Musings author has been wishing to have a tail and not just any ole tail but a prehensile one! LOL! It's the craziest thing and it wasn't just a thought in my head I'll have you know but I felt it in my body in my muscles...I was walking around almost missing it like a 'false limb'! And also walking as if it was right there coming out of my back and curled up over my head...I even postured my body as such!:)

And nope I'm not one of those people who want to be those people from the Avatar movie uh...uh no sirry! This is totally different from being 'a Navi want to be' since to be honest I find the film highly overrated and I didn't need James Cameron to tell me what was already going on ever since just check my UCP blog for heavens help! :)Plus I'm strictly vegetarian thank you so no Navi hunting and growling for me...I'm no cat!

But the prehensile tale...I WANTED IT! :)

Now as curious as this may sound it gets even curiouser cause guess what? Unlike tiggers I'm not the only one! I'm found on a google search for prehensile tail that others want it as well! And I'll bet you long before Navi fame! Check this out! or here!

Now I'm no cat lover and would you say they really have the prehensile tail? Tails yes but prehensile? For sure my muse...the baby manicou that many of you may not recall but I present below...he has such a tail for perhaps it is he who is again with me?

But dunno my tail it didn't feel like a manicou one neither! It felt like a very humanoid prehensile tail like I was very firmly upright back straight as a true homosapien neantherdal slump! LOL! And as I said the tail grew out of my back and then curled above my head. What a tale about a tail?

I wish I could accurately draw what I felt...but I'm not much for doodling right now...

But what did all this mean when the feeling? Funny thing is my need, feel or visualization of the tail...well it was purposeless...more I wanted it like to feel proud strutting about with it! I also knew I wanted for it to be prehensile but guess what I had no intention in my visualization of using it! I just wanted to show off with that's mad ego for you!

And it has left me wondering "What the tail is wrong with me!!!"

All I can think of is perhaps I'm being inspired by my beloved UCP friend then?

Image re-published from here.

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