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Monday, 29 March 2010

Maniac Mondays: My Absence, My Apology and My Parallel Worlds!

We here at Meady's Musings would like to apologise for no blogs on Tumultuous Thursdays for the longest while and also for no Funtastic Fridays post last week. It's not for want of thought I can tell you that...I had the whole Funtastic Fridays blog conceptualised in my head and everything and had also planned to blog last Thursday but it's that wormhole you see! It keeps getting to me! And it usually hits on a Thursday is why Tumultuous Thursdays have been so infrequent! It tends to pull me into some Parallel World or the other but usually spits me out by Friday so I can do a Funtastic Fridays post but this week it kept me longer I was jumping portal to portal just like on 'Sliders' but just couldn't get back in time! So we apologise today as part of our Maniac Mondays post and sit back and view a clip of the intro of 'Sliders' and hope to deliver on a Tumultuous Thursdays and Funtastic Fridays blog this week!:)

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