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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Tumultuous Thursdays: The Law of Exposure, Randomness or Attraction or what in the name of Metaphysics is it?!

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Since I was <10 years old I've observed that if you are talking with someone and the television is on basically seconds after you say a word it will be repeated on TV. Now I asked lots of people about it and they say it's just something that happens...I guess the 'logical' explanation might be that it is some word like 'the' or something common in conversation so the mathematical likelihood of it being repeated right after is high...but I figure it's not just 'the' and 'and' and 'you' you find repeating...I'm not saying that there probably really isn't just a simple logical explanation for it but I sure have always wished someone would log the data or take it seriously and discuss it with others instead of just brushing the phenomenon aside...wish someone would tally the data...why not me??? Well...ahmm...I have better things to do...and I guess so do you...but you do know the phenomenon I'm talking about right? And regardless of what when it happens everyone in the room notices it! But just brushes it off and move on...

Then I also discovered that when I learnt a new word as a spell it or its meaning...I found it popped up all over! At that time there was no in vogue terms like 'Law of Attraction' and I was told by adults that well because I know the word now I'm aware of it when I see it is all...and before I'd have not been aware of it...but now myself an adult raging forward towards middle age I look back at it and wonder would you call that a 'Law of Attraction' effect? Or maybe it could be called a 'Law of Exposure' effect...i.e. once I was exposed to the word and its meaning I would always now see it but not before I was exposed...dunno???

But just yesterday a similar phenomenon happened to me and I have to made me recall all these things...well I was going to this new place and I missed the turn off road as I 'Google Earthed it' but the road had no sign on this lovely isle so I should have asked someone for a landmark! So I went into some terrain I'd never been to before at least not in a very very long then after finding my destination spending hours there and driving off back to my home again...well on the radio all they can talk about are the places and sites I had seen! Events were happening all over there, this organization whose headquarters I passed by was hosting something! And these are remote locations on the island so they aren't popular and commonplace! Granted on the logical side the island is small so maybe...but GOSH! What was that? Law of Exposure or Law of Attraction again?

So what's it to you? Is there some metaphysics behind all of this or pure mere coincidence and I should be off to dance with 'The Purple Elephant' instead? Would love to hear your thoughts on this!


Tim Douglas said...

... indeed, perhaps from imagined truth emerges distorted reality, from apparent truth emerges observed reality and from actual truth emerges ultimate reality?
... indeed, perhaps it is The Energy of Attraction, The Law of Opposites, The Gift of Wisdom, The Joy of Wonder and The Presence of Cycles at play here?
... indeed, perhaps it was the ebb and flow of truth, energy, gift, joy, presence and awareness that was at play here?
... indeed, perhaps all of these qualities are not time or space bound and only empowered by the freddom we create for them?
... indeed, perhaps it is about, all about, acceptance and allowing our promise to shine in every moment, in every instance?

meadysmusings said...

Bro Tim thanks for coming on here and giving your comments on the actual blog itself. I agree with you that perhaps these things are not bounded by time or space!