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Monday, 6 September 2010

Maniac Mondays:Dreams and Dreaming Series-Healing in Our Dreams!

'Guardian Angel'-copyright free reprint of a work of art.

Recently a friend dropped by the ‘Production House’ with sad news and a wish that all at the house-the little mouse, Purple Elephant and all other animals included would say a prayer to heal the grief of someone close to them. You see that person had just lost a pet. One of us at the Production House recalled this prayer on losing a pet from Doreen Virtue's book-‘Healing with the Angels’:

‘Dearest God,

I know that no one and nothing can truly ever be lost, since You are omnipresent and can see everything and everyone.
I affirm that nothing is lost in the eyes of God.
I ask that You, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, the nature angels, and my guardian angels help me reunite with my pet right now.
I call upon the guardian angels of my pet to send a signal so I may find my pet.
I now relax, knowing that God, the angels and my higher self are already communing with my pet.

Thank you.’

And then recalled when they had lost their pet German Shepherd and a few days after his passing dreamt him playing at the foot of a green, grassy hill. He was at the peak of health in the dream and he was tossing this brick and playing with as he did in real life pretending to growl, attack and tug at it! There was a little house atop the hill and it made the dreamer feel that their pet was all safe, healthy, happy and sound at home where he belonged! It was the ultimate healing dream for the dreamer!

Upon hearing this dream another person at the Production House popped up their hand into the air and exclaimed that they too also had something to share. Not about a pet this time but something that to them was the ultimate healing dream ever! The Maximus of Maximuses! The real McCoy! :)

It was a dream that totally washed them and they have not been the same ever since! Born afresh…finally shedding years and years of baggage and resentment, pain, suffering and loss all in one dream! They asked that we not shared the details of the dream here and so we must respect this wish. However, here were some of the symbols the person had in that dream:

-An old priest (who was also very dear to them) sat with a glow to him
-A new born baby also glowing sat on the old priest’s lap
-A stream with a clear distinction that things were on one bank and over the water on the on the other bank were all these new things.

And this dream was dreamt on the morning of Diwali which Hindus consider to be the start of the financial New Year. Again a new beginning...and notice the water presence in this dream too…

So until our Tumultuous Thursdays posting in the Dreams and Dreaming Series…Dream On! And keep healing in your dreams too just like everyone at our Production House…human and animals! :)

And while you pass by our house look atop to see our new welcome mat! It has the Purple Elephant’s name all done up together with that inseparable little mouse! :)


Elspeth said...

That angel pic is one of my favs.

meadysmusings said...

Hey E! I think you mentioned that on your blogs or facebook or something before...or you may have had the pic posted it is one of the most famous guardian angel pics I guess out there...but yep for sure one of clearest illustrations you can have for such a thing too! :) Amazing visualization by this artist!