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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Tumutuous Thursdays:Dreams and Dream Series-Do the Blind See in Their Dreams?

Approximately a year and a half ago when Meady's Musings Production in the persona of Babita Dubay used to hang out tons on the Intent online community. An interesting discussion emerged on the topic: Do the Blind See in Their Dreams? So today as part of our Dreams and Dreaming Series we thought we'd re-blog this post for you as it for sure was a very insightful discussion and most fitting metaphysically for a dreams and dreaming series on this a Tumultuous Thursday! :)


"You need to go here to view it as all the discussion takes place on the Intent community itself. However below is the introductory post we wrote that got it all started! :)

Here is something I want to ask of the Intent community. I'm not posting this from any of my blogs just asking here...Do the Blind See in Their Dreams?

I got to wondering about it today...I mean I know people who are currently blind but at one point could see I've been told that they see in their dreams. What they see are memories of when they were sighted. I've not met anyone who is blind in person and asked them so I get this information only from what I've read about it etc. So it would be interesting to hear about this.

Because was now reading about something where a person who was blind all his life describes his dreams as being in sound only like listening to the radio...although in his dreams he didnt need to be helped he just got to one place from the other automatically when he wished it.

Then it got me to thinking if dreaming is like that for someone who was blind all their life on earth doesn't it bring into question how metaphyhsical a dream can be? I mean if there is a level of dreaming where we can connect with the divine and or the spirit world wouldn't we then be able to see?

Would love to hear what you all think about this or experiences or information you may have about this..."

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