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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Advent Calendar 2011: Christmas and Boxing Day of The Christmas Adventures of the Purple Elephant and the Little Mouse

copyright of The Meady's Musings Production House 2010.

Day 25-Christmas Day

It was already the wee hours of the morning by the time all the guests had settled in at the Meady's Musings Production House but really it was very hard to sleep with all the excitement and awe! But humans need to rest as do animals and all other living earthly beings.

The herd of elephants were the first ones up! And the Purple Elephant went outdoors to be with them. And they were the first ones to notice that by 6 AM there was a long line of people outside the production house who had come to see the babe in the manger. So when they showed this to the Purple Elephant he went inside to wake up the little mouse to the news and to begin preparations to first of all deal with the line of people and then to prepare for the Christmas day meal!

As might be expected the little mouse did not take the news well and start to get very nervous again...went to the corner to pray for guidance and then told the Purple Elephant to convene a meeting of all the animals that were currently living inside the production house itself. That means that the meeting was to exclude the herd of elephants grazing outdoors and the animals in the manager and other living quarters outside the main production house. When the meeting was then convened it included the Purple Elephant, the little mouse, the bears, the monkeys and yes not to be forgotten the owner of the production house.

At the meeting a plan was hatched as to how to deal with the queue outdoors and how to prepare breakfast for all and the other Christmas meals! The duties were divided and plans devised as follows:

1. The Purple Elephant would go outside and rustle up the herd of elephants to inquire from the long queue of folks outside the house what exactly were their needs and wants.

(While doing this they would also collect and distribute water to all in the queue and one or two elephants would
go down to the orchard and also pick some fruit with their trunks to distribute to those in the long line
waiting to see the babe.)

2. A few monkeys were also assigned to work outside with the herd of elephants. One of the monkeys assigned was a very smart chimp called Chompy who would question each of the persons in the queue on their needs and wants and take notes. Some of them would be asked to step aside if decided by the monkeys. These persons would be taken into the production house for further questioning and evaluation if it was felt that they needed counseling as their need to see the babe was driven by some deep seethed unfulfilled desires instead of pure joy!

3. The rest of the animals would help with the Christmas meals. Which with the number of mouths to feed was no easy task indeed especially with mostly monkeys and bears involved! And with a much maligned mouse stirring the pot! Luckily the only human who would be eating was the owner of the production house who by now had known that the little mouse could do no harm! And after all he (the little mouse) was born out of her very own head!

By 10 AM everyone including the persons in the queue had been fed. But the production house was all abuzz as the number of persons who needed to be taken aside for counseling was proving to be the vast majority of persons in the line. Then the little mouse took the decision that was seconded and agreed to unanimously that the babe in the manger should be the one to decide who should be fit to see him or not and no one else. So all were allowed to visit him and lo and behold as more persons came time seemed to stand still! And by lunch everyone had seen the babe and were all content!

Then everyone sat down on tables indoors and outdoors and had the Christmas lunch! Before the meal was eaten the following prayer was said by the little mouse:

Oh Universal spirit from whom all things come
Animals, humans and all of us who are one
Bless our humble meal
Make it that we eat in peace
Let us know the unreal from the real
And let all the Universe's beings feel
The nourishment of body, mind and soul
That you infuse into this our Christmas meal!

With peace, love and light from all of us at the Meadys' Musings Production House!

And really that was the main events on the Christmas day as dinner also went by with not a thing to complain about!

Day 26-Boxing Day
Copyright of The Meady's Musings Production House 2011

On this day the owner of the production house entered the earthly plane and all the animals in the production house had planned and plotted to honour her on this day. The mouse was in charge and the Purple Elephant was running with her at her heels after every stride. By the end of the day the owner was very pleased with the animals who lived under her roof and all hers and their guests! Even the monkeys put in a sterling performance and there was really not much left to say but that indeed it was a very lovely Boxing Day and Happy Birthday for the owner of the production house and all her animal creations

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