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Friday, 9 December 2011

Advent Calendar 2011:Day 2 & 3 of The Christmas Adventures of the Purple Elephant and the little mouse

This picture is not owned by us but was burrowed from this site. Please notify us if we have infringed any rights and we will immediately remove. We thought it fair to say too that in the real life story to this pic the cat and orangutan are best of buddies! No Purple Elephant intervention necessary! :)


On Day 2 of the Christmas Adventures of the Purple Elephant and the little mouse the day opened with the little mouse quietly in a corner deep in prayer. The guys from the UCP desk couldn't help but notice him and just stood afar quietly themselves observing him and taking notes for their own blog posts! This was the prayer that the little mouse did say:

"Dear Lord although I may but a little mouse be
You well know that I let little scare me
Apart from those cats of course
And even then I just surrender to your as the divine source
And although the start of this Advent calendar maybe late
It won't affect what will be on any of my guest's Christmas Eve dinner plate

You know better than I great spirit that in the Universal sense of things we are all one
And so please don't let my Christmas plans be undone
You see the owner of the house was late to open the Advent calendar
But she must not be blamed for such a blunder
As her world I'm told was a bit asunder

So let's now work together
To make this Christmas the best one ever
Keep the cats at bay
And let all our house guests enjoy their stay
This dear Lord is my Advent calender opening prayer!"

The little mouse thus ended his prayer. And the UCP guys scuttled off to their desks to share it on that blog!

The little mouse got up from his kneeling position and went off to look for the Purple Elephant. He found the Purple Elephant outdoors clearing soil and planting grass in preparation for his elephant herd that had sent trumpeting signals from place to place until it got to the Purple Elephant this morning via the airwaves outside the house that indeed they would be trekking towards the Meady's Musings Production House this year and in fact given the time it would take for them to get there as a herd they were already on their way!

And there you had it by the 2nd day of the Christmas Adventures of the Purple Elephant and the little mouse two house guests had now confirmed! Well two if you count the herd as one and Fynn the bear as another. But in reality that herd ranged between 40 to 50 odd elephants or so and of every colour you could imagine (if you recall from previous years). They were yellow, brown, blue, grey, white, rainbow mixed and of course many other purple ones too! But you shall hear more about them as the days go because for now that brings Day 2 of the Christmas Adventures of the Purple Elephant and the little mouse to a close.


On Day 3 of the Christmas Adventures of the Purple Elephant and little mouse the Purple Elephant was still busy at it in the yard planting grass for his relatives to eat when they arrived. It was then he heard a strange sound only to turn around to see one of the monkey's wringing a cat in his hands! The Purple Elephant got so startled at the sight and sound that he jumped all fours up about a half of a metre or so into the air and trumpeted as he fell to the ground. The fall then caused a loud sound no doubt that made the little mouse and the other monkeys in the house run to the doors. When they saw what was going on outside they ducked backed indoors and peeped instead out of windows to see what was about to unfold. Not the little mouse tough...poor thing was so scared he ran to his bedroom and closed all the windows and again went to a corner to in this case nervously pray. With the knowledge that if his end really came he would then just surrender on to the divine this he had learnt well from the UCP guy's blog posts!

However the monkeys inside the house piled all on top of each other to see what the one monkey outside was about to do as the Purple Elephant glared at him. And this is what happened...

After the Purple Elephant hit the ground he again trumpeted and then addressed the monkey in a high yet loud shrill!

"What are you doing monkey>? Is that a cat in your hand I see? If so you should certainly un-wring him! Don't you know that although the cats may not be my friends as they hunt my best friend and co-inhabitant of the house the little mouse. Both of us do not agree that we should subject the cats to such cruelty. No animal should be that cruel to another...even if you cannot live like brothers you should still respect the life in others! Now don't release him as he may try to get at the little mouse but un-wring him and give him to me so I can wrap him in my trunk and take him back to the cats!"

Strangely the monkey just looked at the Purple Elephant in a puzzled manner twisted his head from side to side a bit and then made a monkey noise un-wrang the cat and put it into the trunk of the Purple Elephant. When he was done with this he scratched one armpit and then the other...made a monkey noise and jumped into a nearby tree for after all he was an orangutan you see!

At the end of this stint all the monkeys in the window started to make monkey noises and jump up and down and all over each other's heads! But they immediately froze in silence when the Purple Elephant turned their way and with one glare he was on his way to drop the un-wrung cat back to the other cats!

And folks for day 3 of the Christmas Adventures of the Purple Elephant and the little mouse that was that!

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