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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Advent Calendar 2012: the Christmas Adventures of the Purple Elephant and the little mouse- Day 2

The little mouse's father came from a long line of Indian Temple mice!

Image burrowed from this site

After the world of the owner of the production house did not end and the little mouse had grown almost back to full size again the Christmas adventures of the Purple Elephant and the little mouse continued...

The owner of the production house had now moved fully into the house again and would be with the animals all Christmas long until the Epiphany.

The production house was all abuzz as for the first time ever the family of the little mouse would be visiting! Of course over the years monkeys had taken over the production house, bears from all over the world had visited and the Purple Elephant's herd had visited but never the little mouse's family. So everyone was excited to meet them and learn more!

Everyone kept asking the little mouse when and from where his family would be arriving and whether they would be mice, gerbil or hamster?!

The little mouse tediously explained that while by marriage and otherwise he was related to some gerbils and hamsters that he was of mice and mice alone! A little mouse he was and mice were mice...hamsters were hamsters and gerbils were gerbils!

So upon further prodding the little mouse related the list of his relatives and so it went:

The little mouse's father had descended from a long line of temple mice in India. But one day he grew curious and left his abode of adoration and jumped on a ship! He was then rudely awakened when he arrived in London to find a set of caged mice in a pet shop meant to be fed to snakes....alive! So he hatched a plan and saved them and fell in love with one of the mice he saved...the little mouse's mother.

Together they helped save many a lab rat and mice and also gave birth to the mice that accounts for the little mouse and his siblings. Of the sixteen mice that they gave birth to here is where they each went:

1. Two became church mice in churches under the Church of England.
2. Three went back to India to be temple mice following in their father's lineage
3. Three went to Hollywood to audition for the role of the three blind mice in the
Shrek movies
4. Four became activist mice and are instrumental in laws passed to stop the use of
live mice for feeding other animals in the UK and Germany.
5. Four went to become church mice in various parts of North America but one of them
changed his mind and ended up in Trinidad as the little mouse himself!:) Living in the
production house with the Purple Elephant and practicing UCP-Universal Collective

And so the entire production house waited for the arrival of all these mice! As the Christmas Adventures of the Purple Elephant and the Little Mouse continued!

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