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Sunday, 25 January 2009

Gone Gardening!

All pics copyright of Meady's Musings Production.

I've been talking about it for sometime and today I've finally Gone Gardening! It wasn't like how I all had it planned out. Yep! I got my seeds in courtesy Amazon...I was planting things originally from Italy and India right in my Trini backyard soil with my hands that were a genetic expression of genes cooked up somewhere in the North of India in the 19th century. To try to put it simpler I was planting the seeds of plants whose origin were from Italy and India and I myself am of India origin. And all these seeds like me are going to be grown up on Trini sunshine, water and soil so all are going to be Trini in the end just like me! However my plans didn't unfold exactly as I had planned. I figured my mum would help...

...but didn't realize I'd have this many helpers! Why it could have been called a community garden project in the end really! So I didn't get to plant exactly what I had planned or to even label where I put everything but I feel in the end it was best for the plants cause like with prayers it is always better when done together and more souls gather pouring their energies into these plants. And I will let the pictures tell the story but you will see I got more than just human help! :) So truly universal energy flowing in those plants you see! :) I also said the Gayatri Mantra just before I planted the first set of seeds and you know that's all about soaking in the Morning's Energy! And my plants were planted in a spot such that they will catch the morning sunrise full blast yet be able to catch the bask of the sunset too!

In the end I got to plant not all of my cadre of seeds so there are plenty more stock in my fridge to deal with after these lives unfold...but here is what I've planted so far again no real controls so these are approximate numbers:

I kicked things off by throwing in these 50 seeds or so of a variety of hot peppers at the bottom of my mum's already flourishing habanero pepper batch (a very hot pepper of South American origin)and it is then I said the Gayatri mantra so I figure these peppers will turn out extra hot!

-About 50 seeds of tomatoes- 25 gold currant cherry and 25 costoluto genovese (not sure if I got the Italian right by the way!)
-About 70 seeds of eggplant or baigan as we call it here in Trini- 35 seeds of (Italian)Aubergine Viserba and 35 seeds of an (Indian) Eggplant Ratna.
-30 seeds of CalWonder Bell Sweet Pepper (Heirloom)

They were all put into these little seedling pots my uncle showed up with! One of the helpers that showed up to make the project grander. Along with my nieces and nephew who wanted to each be part of planting the Ratna seeds! Everyone was so excited to do it my aunt's German Shepherd even sniffed a seed or two!Here the pics to prove it!:

Then I finished off mostly on my own planting two sets of herbs in a long tray pot 3 pots in all six variety of herbs last I counted and the last pack of herbs- coriander/cilantro I threw in with them hot peppers so I tell you one hot bed that is gonna be! But although I cannot tell you which pot has which I ended up planting these herbs:

-Basil (Genovese Italian)
-French Rosemary
-True Greek Oregano
-Common English Thyme
-Parsley (Italian Dark Green Flat)
-Sage (Garden Broadleaf)
-Cilantro/Coriander (Slow Bolting) some other Europeans jumping up in my Trini hot bed I see! :) I also planted those Sunflowers!-Titans, Mongolian, Earthwalkers and a blend set...

But what's in a name I say as I learnt from the teachings of J.Krishnamurti when I was about 14 when we humans name plants and trees and things we fail to see the beauty inherent in them! So what does it matter where the seeds come from...What my hope for my little ones are is that they will grow well and bear as best they can and nourish the bodies of those who grew them! I hope that they will also be a springboard for me to consider the road raw again! :)

So I hope all my readers on Blogger, Intent, Copperstrings and Maythil will all good tidings bring and my little kitchen garden will bear many a wondrous and nourishing thing!

And I say this mantra to my little seeds as published by DK Matai on the Intent community!

'This feeling is reflected in the Gayatri chant in Sanskrit from The Rig Veda, 1500 BCE:

Om bhur bhuvah suvah
Pronunciation: Om boor boo-vah-ha soo-vah-ha
Translation: Truth, earth, atmosphere, heaven

Tat savitur varenyam
Pronunciation: Tut sah-vee-toor vah-rain-yum
Translation: May we meditate on the radiant light

Bhargo devasya dhimahi
Pronunciation: Bar-go day-vass-yuh dee-ma-hee
Translation: Of that brilliant creator

Dhiyo yo nah pracodayat
Pronunciation: Dee-yo yo na-ha prah-cho-die-yot
Translation: Who may guide our thoughts

Called the Gayatri Mantra (gayatri comes from the root "sing"), it's considered among the most powerful of the yogic incantations. In the yogic tradition, light equals knowledge. This particular chant is about linking the sun with our thoughts and enlightening ourselves by means of higher knowledge.

First recorded in the Rig-Veda, the ancient Hindu scripture dating back more than 3,500 years.'

And here is a YouTube clip of the chant so that my seeds might hear it on the blogosphere in the Universal vibes that makes all things in this Universe one! :)


Elspeth said...

Great mantra. I played it so your seeds would hear. I love the energy you and your 'community' put into the planting. It will no doubt flourish and taste great! One of the best avocados I tasted recently was from a seed taken from a tree in Hawaii, planted in Tobago and then brought to Trinidad.

meadysmusings said...

Great! Thanks for the prayers Elspeth! Well yes I hope my IndoEuropeanTrini mix via America will taste as marvelous too! Will have to invite everyone over for pizza pasta and some indian dish perhaps sambhar made with coriander spices and the baigan!

Hope you are feeling better...and healing as well...

ian russell said...

I wish avocados and chillies grew here in England (well, they sometimes do but only inside). I'll look forward to seeing photos of them growing.

I enjoyed the mantra clip!

meadysmusings said...

Hi Ian I didn't plant any avocados or zaboca as we call it here in Trini too I think it is derived from the name the native Amerindians had for it...either the Caribs or the Arawaks I feel the Arawaks since they were the farming types and the Caribs the hunters. We do have a zaboca tree or two about combined in all the yards of my relatives etc...if there is still a currently growing striving tree I'll take a picture for you just for so...

Of course bless my seeds and I will keep you updated on my pepper mix there were some chillies. Have you ever tasted habanero peppers like my mummy already has growing and bearing? Insanely hot compared to any chili! It can actually kill you! :)

ian russell said...

sorry. I meant to say aubergines! ha ha, still, avocados are nice too.

I've had hot chillies but none that dangerous. An Indian deli where I used to live in London sold green chillies fried in batter as a snack. If that wasn't bad enough, they'd give you a pot of green chilli dipping sauce to go with them. I don't think they were too hot by most standards but hot enough for me - after three, I lost all the sensation in my lips.

meadysmusings said...

Yea Habanero peppers are deadly! Hotter than anything I know of that grows out of India originally. And Trinidadians of Indian ancestry can be know to combine that with curry something that probably should not be done and that is the real killer! My household loves to do the combination! :) I've eaten that thing you are talking about...pakora if I'm not mistaken and basically the filling can be bread, calcutta/chilli peppers, onions, sweet peppers etc. Or just plain the filling alone fried. I grew up eating pakoras although it might be more 'authentic' Indian or not made commonly in Trinidad and the (mainstream) Trini Indian thing closest to that is kachori although I think you will find kachori in some parts and regions of India as well. My ancestors and most of the Indians that would have come here back in the 19th century courtesy of the Brits-your ancestors :)...would have come from the North Indian region of India...UP-Uttar Pradesh or Bihar abouts there. I know at least one of great grandfathers came from Delhi.

It is interesting just how many names aubergine has one its own! Aubergine...eggplant...melongene...baigan! It's one of my fav veges though and can be eaten in so many different ways! I've been glad to find so many different varieties on Amazon! Only planted the Italian one and the Ratna (the Indian one) so far...funny thing is I don't know what is normally planted and sold in TT cause I bougth the seeds online! Would be good to find out what is commonly grown and sold here althought the experimentation is good too...perhaps when I plant my Bali one it will be me introducing a new strain of eggplant to Trini soil! One the pack it is called Bali Eggplant and sold by a company called Seeds of India!

So if I get a good batch it is baigan choka for some, grilled eggplant for others, fry baigan with plenty pepper (habaneros) for some more...:)

I owe on my blog a recipe for dhal kichari, tomato choka and aloo choka so I'll probably explain some other Trini Indian dishes based on veges in my garden as I go along so you can understand Ian!

Thanks for following my blog on the site itself! It is easier to share more on here than on Copperstrings...I love blogger as a tool! So invite others over here if you like! :)

Elspeth said...

Hey Meady, what's up? You haven't blogged in a while! Spending more time in the garden? :)

meadysmusings said...

Hi Elspeth I guess just busy in my full time job and in a sense not much to say right now...

The garden is coming along but not much to do right now except water them as just seedlings...the next big step will be transplanting the ones that need to be...and perhaps building a scare crow?! There was a time those things used to scare the daylight out of me! Too many silly horror films when was too young to see...but I gave up those a long time now. Like to watch Ghost Whisperer though on and off but it can sometimes too scare me!

NEELA said...

Hi just wanted to say i enjoyed reading about the efforts that went into those little plants. Surely they will flourish and nourish.keep us posted.

meadysmusings said...

Thanks Neela...I'm about to transplant...maybe tmrw....well later today...not all made it...I think some of the herbs are probably not meant for the climate...but I got about 80% return on the seeds of more otherwise...will do a posting of the transplanting when it happens for sure!

Layanee said...

It looks as though you had quite a bit of fun with planting as well! Now you are hooked.

meadysmusings said...

Hey Layanee just about to head off to do transplantings! It's a rainy Caribbean day so I don't have to worry about the midday sun! Raining a lot here in Trini these days...Wish we luck! If all goes well I will blog it later tonight energy permitting...

I guess you are one of those big time gardeners cross-linking to me from A Caribbean Garden...thanks for the support! Yep it was a whole lot of fun...especially with the doggie!:) Wonder if can ask him by for the transplant?...But the thing is said doggie might be a threat for trampling now...!:)My real passion is writing so I'm not just an engineer gone gardening but an engineer-writer gone gardening also a bit of a pundit in there hence my spirituality posts too! :) So if gardening goes well engineer-writer-pundit-gardener! :)

I sniffed out your blog a bit but just sniffed didnt browse will do so later!

Will keep in touch...and always looking for gardening tips!

Thanks for support again!

Adam said...

Always great to see a 'community' putting in so much love and care into the growing of plants. If only i could be there to enjoy the end results.

Will explore the rest of your blog when i have the time, have bookmarked it for a later date :)

meadysmusings said...

Thanks Adam! Glad to have you join my musings! Looking fwd to interacting more with you in the future. I've put up my 2nd gardening installation now...Gone Gardening Again! You can have a looksy! :)