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Monday, 25 January 2010

Manic Monday or Maniac Monday?

Many in my age group for sure would know how the tune goes...although it seems kinda retro by now...since way back in 1986...

Yesterday a friend on Facebook suggested we coin a day in between Sunday and Monday...Schumday!:) Sounded good to fact a petition might even be coming out soon to make it an official day...look for it! LOL!

But what if instead of Manic Mondays we could make it Maniac Mondays?!:)Now don't get me wrong...many people misinterpret the meaning of that word's the definition I'm referring to here according to Merriam Webster online dictionary

Maniac:a person characterized by an inordinate or ungovernable enthusiasm for something

So really a maniac isn't such a bad thing is it!? And we would especially all wish we could be maniacs for our jobs come Monday morning so hey why not...Maniac Monday! But for it to become Maniac Monday well you got to find the thing to be a Maniac about...and there lies the challenge! Now I'm not here to give advice...these blogs are always about my own journeys not to advise others...just for me to discuss my experiments in life...I know some things I'm passionate about people tell me I am or I can tell I am cause people tell me I'm only talking about it all the time and my face lights up when I talk about it and I can feel my own blood pressure rise slightly I guess due to the slight adrenaline rush? We're all passionate about something or someone or some thing thing....I guess it's also easier to find it than to incorporate in our daily lives...

So there lie the questions:

What's your passion?

But more importantly...

How do I incorporate my passions into my daily life?

Now as I said not an advice go out their my friends and answer you own questions! :) And please please don't go latching on to unsuspecting co-workers and making then your you know what! NOT GOOD! Don't be that kinda maniac please if it is the one advice I do try to give is that! LOL!

But Hey I've got enough problems trying to figure out the answers to mines! :) But be certain that I'll share some of my own passion or my junoon (which I find is an even cooler word for it that is of Sufi Arabic origin and it refers to an obsession or madness) next week on Maniac Mondays...same cyberspace, same time...maybe it will be about my writing...about how my garden I may just again grow...sunflowers anyone?...but for sure in Feb and all Feb long it will also be at times about my Vegan experimentation again and at other times linked to my UCP blog about my meditations with Shiv...but for now ask yourself...

What is your Junoon and how do I live it daily?

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