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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Tumultuous Thursdays:Does Planet EarthTurn Slowly?

Amazing Photo taken by James Neeley. All rights reserved. Check out his profile on flickr

I've been wondering this for some time now...and then came the start of this New Year 2010 and to the strain of that Fireflies song more than ever I was wondering if it was just that "I'd liked to make myself believe that planet earth turns slowly"...but does it or doesn't it?

Well first of all if it doesn't turn slowly I think for sure we need to make ourselves believe it does...else if we didn't we'd feel just like how I was feeling at the start of 2010 until I was able to have my talks with Shiv in the meditation cave and be all centered again...Shiv does it for me...but really we have to forget the true nature of the Universe...make ourselves believe or perhaps the Universe itself or the Universe pictured in the form of Shiv makes us believe it...else if we took in the full awesomeness of it...well...we'd feel like a runaway cablecar careening through outerspace dodging cosmic blasts!

I mean think about it just like that magnifique pic I have up from Mr. Neeley where people are being pulled in by centripetal forces on a ferris wheel...well as we stand on planet earth the number of forces tugging at us are immense! And really planet earth is not moving slowly at all infact according to this site planet earth moves 1040 mph! It reminds me so much of well when I'm driving on the highway sometimes...if I pull myself out and try to think about the dynamics of what is going on I freak! But when I slightly switch off and just go with the flow of the traffic I move into it like a cosmic dance in a I think it's the same thing with us on planet earth as a whole or more so us as part of this larger space that is made up of matter and have to make yourself believe it's slow and center yourself else well you gonna FREAK OUT!

I mean but even if you switch off and go into it...isn't it amazing just the kinda speeds this little human body has to go through being bombarded by all these bigger bodies in the Universe and all these forces tugging on us...according to Newton's law of universal gravitation here are the forces bearing down on little us!

Diagrams republished from this site.

And on planet earth that little g also known as gravity works up to be 9.8 meters per sec squared!And the big G is a fella for equality he is the same everywhere in the Universe barging in at a grand approximation of 6.673×10−11 N m2 kg−2 What a ride! Damn no wonder on some days I feel so tired or upheaved...tumultuous even...hence from here on these Thurs talks will be themed Tumultuous Thursdays!

And no wonder our poor little bodies are just crumbling away at the mercy of these forces! So yep you can make yourself believe planet earth turns slowly but for sure them forces are taking their toll! So what is a little body to do? I say the most you can do is surrender to it! Go into it with no Deepak Uncle coins it...the Law of Least just jump in and go with the flow...merge with the cosmic soup and learn its dance well so you aren't part of its fall out but instead in tune with the dance...

How to learn the dance?...well last I heard them fireflies or lightning bugs were teaching...

"'Cause I'd get a thousand hugs
From ten thousand lightning bugs
As they tried to teach me how to dance"

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