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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Tumultuous Thursdays: My Reincarnation Series-'Past Life'- A New Series on Fox!

As promised on Thursdays I continue to talk about all things metaphysical...and following through on my Reincarnation Series would be one of those things. However today I have this wonderful surprise for ya! I'm going to let you know about the exciting news for those of you who want to dabble into the realm of reincarnation from another perspective not just by books and blogs and hard core research but to have a bit of fun with tickle your imagination or entertainment buds!

And the news is...Fox is premiering their own entire series on reincarnation this Feb in the form of the TV series "Past Life"! Now I have to tell ya at first I was a bit skeptical about doing this blog...I mean I wondered was this making all the stuff about reincarnation light? But I did my research about this series and it changed my mind...

My first glance at the previews for this series gives me the feel of a mix between Ghost Whisperer and Cold Case with a touch of Medium...all series that I can enjoy from time to time...

It seems like the supernaturalness and sensitivity of Ghost Whisperer meeting the crime solving parts of Cold Case with the nostalgic (back in time) pulls they have on Cold Case you know where they show you how the people looked then and how they look now...when the case is solved etc...I always liked that bit of Cold Case the best. And well I can see this series having a lot of it was back then and how it is now...except this time you aren't just going back in the person's lifetime but into a next! It's like Cold Case on steroids then! :)

And in terms of its similar elements to Ghost Whisperer while from the previews I can't say if it is going to be as sensitive and sweet as that series...I mean you really feel the love and emotion in that show...and the hurt...for sure this series is going to be exploring that. The preview seems to suggest where families are going to be searching for answers to what happened to their dead loved ones...and they are going to be finding it with the help of science and pseudo science...metaphysics. Families will reunite and get these answers and then say goodbye again as the persons move on in their new 'clothes' or reincarnations so to speak! :)The team helping them will consist of a detective, a psychologist with a knack for reading people and a smart ass medical doctor (neurologist)!

But I have to tell ya what had me more than hooked to giving this series a whirl is that same smart ass medical doctor! Not while in his character but whilst talking about his character in his real life form as Ravi Patel!:) Check this interview out about him talking about his character in the show. And in terms of his views on reincarnation...being Hindu myself too I can so relate to his point of view about it...

However do you believe in reincarnation?

Don't forget to continue participating in the poll on the left! And keep checking this space for further talks on Reincarnation!

And you can catch the series PAST LIFE two-night premiere on Tuesday, Feb. 9 at 9/8c and Thursday, Feb. 11 at 9/8c on FOX!

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