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Friday, 19 February 2010

Funtastic Fridays: Parvati Wins Shiv!

How to Win a Guy in 10 Days! Ahmmm...well OK maybe 10 years! LOL!

a comic strip!

We at Meady's Musings have to apologize for no Maniac Mondays or Tumultuous Thursdays blog postings this week but perhaps we were so taken up with our Festival of Shiv over on our sister blog UCP that well we had no time for mania and didn't feel tumultuous! :)

It is no wonder the inspiration for today's Funtastic Friday blog posting comes from the ongoings on the Festival of Shiv where Shiv and Parvati recently got married and are celebrating their honeymoon!:) We burrowed some of the pics to create the cartoon from places about the web and we hope the owners won't mind...if you do however mind and see your photo up here and want us to take it down...please feel free to contact us and we will take 'em down! But we figured it's all good advertising for you and we list you here as a source:

The beautiful illustration of Parvati meditating in the forest (in the 2nd panel of the comic strip) is taken from this site and you can buy the poster there! It sure looks like one beautiful poster to have!

The gorgeous painting in the 3rd panel of the comic strip appears to be a reprint of a painting that is displayed on this site.

For those of you further interested in the story behind this comic check out this article...believe you me it's a proper story in Hinduism and we are not mocking the religion in any way especially since if you read our UCP postings you will know that the image in panel 1 of the comic strip has been a source of much inspiration for us over the years and for this author Shiv is the supreme yogi and my ultimate guru for whom I have the greatest respect and awe so I'm not trying to make fun of him in anyway in this comic strip but just telling the Shiv Parvati Katha(story) in a more light hearted manner and in the hope that we can all have Universal fun in a way I'd like to think Shiv would will it too!

However please accept my apologies if I've offended you in any way by publishing this cartoon though...and do write and tell me Shiv willing if you like! :)I'm assuming if Shiv doesn't like it himself he'll tell me in the kindest and hopefully nicest of ways...perhaps a dream...hopefully with no snakes...please no snakes Shiv...just a nice dream! :) But some how upon reflection I can't see how such a cosmic being would too much too care whether I blogged about him in a comic strip or whom out there it may have vexed...after all there's a whole Universe...Cosmos even for him to get about with!

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