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Monday, 8 February 2010

Maniac Mondays: What's with My Johari Window Already?!

Maniac Mondays is back this week after all blogs were suspended due to a death in the family. As a result my vegan journey is now put off to March and the festival of Shiv on UCP is only running for 3/4 of Feb instead of all Feb long!

But the beat marches it it is...perhaps the impending death was the feeling I was feeling all through the first week in Jan but couldn't put a finger on it! But here I am starting at it again...

And what a Johari Window?!

The first problem I have with this Johari window business well to be honest is its squareness...why a square?! I felt so restricted why did I have to put things in one box and then another box here...after all I am me! I am a whole full circle really! I'm not dissected into four and certainly not squared! I just wanted to burst through those Johari window panes and be the full energy flow that I am! :)

After all remember my primary and sub-primary theme songs! :) Shall I cue them? :)And I'm always: 'To thine ownself be true'

I like the circle because to me we are all in a transition and a cyclic doing and then reflecting and then doing again...being born...then dying then being born's always a circle...something hidden today is revealed tomorrow...something revealed today can again be hidden can figure you know this today but upon reflection in two weeks you think you are wrong again...we're all just spinning around and around and trying not to drop the ball while racing on and on but going no where on each of our very own hamster wheel! :)

So STOP! And when the spinning wheel comes to a stand still just get off! Realise that you are just this big burst of energy and you can burst through any square Johari window and if your beam of light is so will impinge on the edges of your Johari window pane till it will become circular too! And then as your beam grows brighter and brighter and larger and larger it will burst the whole house open and you will be seen simply as love and its pure clear light! :)

Check out the Festival of Shiv on UCP for more talk about shapes and light! :)

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