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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Slumbering Saturdays: Apologies and such but most of all REST!

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
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Apologies...apologies and Welcome to Slumbering Saturdays! :) I've apologised this week already on UCP as my 'Festival of Shiv' didn't have as many posts as I would have liked to ideally churn here it is my apology now for Meady's Musings where I've not posted a single blog this week! No Maniac Mondays...nor Tumultuous Thursdays but sadly not even a Funtastic Fridays cartoon or something funny maybe!

It's not like I didn't have it in me this week...but it's like I said on the UCP apology the full time job has just been getting to me! So no evening free to blog! I've been working like a dog and so now on a Saturday I must be left to slumber but figure I should let all my gracious readers know! Next week is also gonna be a tough week but I'll try to blog all the same and for at least give you some Funtastic Friday cheer! :)

Also I've been yearning for another long vacation like the one I had to the US in June last year where one of the places I visited was the famous Myrtle Beach in South Carolina ...and I'm feeling like it might be good to be a Senorita Frog you see...or some sought of animal right now...a slumbering dog or a lazy cat even although as some might know I hate them quite a bit...YUCK! MEOW! LOL!

But you see animals they sure know how to relax...and it is what I must this weekend...I think it is why in yoga and stuff you have all those great animal positions...hmmm...and so I leave you with some of them! :)

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