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Monday, 26 July 2010

Maniac Mondays:Dreams and Dreaming Series-The Subconscious?

OK over the weekend while we were filled with worries over the state of our muse we decided to take a break from it all and see if we could cheer ourselves up so we went to the movies. Now coincidentally this ‘Dreams and Dreaming’ series is going on while at the cinema, dreams are having their heyday as well! As the movie ‘Inception’ is on the loose! It’s no doubt a very entertaining Hollywood flick and no doubt made with the right formula so soon it will be a video game if one doesn’t already exist for all we know! And there are the four levels and the idea of a little piece of gadgetry that could make people not just have a shared dream on one level but take them down to various levels of each other’s dream further and further to their core and get this not only can it do that but it can do it selectively because you see at each level they had to leave someone behind to hold on to the gadgetry and make sure they stayed ‘all safe’ at that level! LOL! Now seriously it was a great film though…the kind that very rarely happens where you are glued from start to end! But this is not a film review…we just thought it made sense that we give hats off to the film or perhaps try to let our little mouse catch hold of the tail end of it’s cloak so it can enjoy a bit of the magical wind as this film soars at the box office! LOL! After all it is this blog that is virtually unknown and the film ‘Inception’ is on every twittering twit’s lips! LOL!

However there is something potent we took away from the film apart from pure entertainment and we will discuss it today as part of the dreams and dreaming series but before we go there let’s look at the landscape set for dreams in Inception and compared it to two other films we’ve enjoyed with dreamy landscapes. You see we don’t think dreams would unfold like it did in this film at all…although they get the idea that dreams are indeed unbounded creation we think the way they portrayed ‘said unlimited creation’ on film was very limited. You see they were more trying to rake in the audience with the whole action thriller thing mixed up in there you know the chase against guns and time! LOL! But in doing so they missed truly capturing the boundless world of creation dreams can be! We think this is best portrayed in the films ‘What Dreams May Come’ and the more recent ‘The Lovely Bones’ although of course these films are more showing us the world after the ultimate dream that is death we think their portrayals are a lot like the dreams we have while alive too! And after all for centuries many have alluded that our dreams are a portal world to the afterlife! But really it must be how dreams unfold instead in these two films and not like in Inception…dreams aren’t clinical like that…having said that we have a group of friends who engage in lucid dreaming and perhaps their dreams must more be like in ‘Inception’ then? We plan to have them on here blogging in one of our Tumultuous Thursdays spot so look for lucid dreaming as a topic her on the series soon!

But here at the Meady’s Musings Production house everyone has dreams that are more like in ‘What Dreams May Come’ and ‘Lovely Bones’ and yes the Purple Elephant and Little Mouse they too experience dreams! Just ask them one of these days and they will give you an earful of them! We also find that water seems to be something potent and perhaps a conduit between this world and other worlds in dreams and one of us at the house once had this very profound dream where she was swimming underwater and then came up for air in this place with doors and a corridor only and she kept trying to open each door but it was locked to her! Incidentally she had this dream the night someone very dear to her at the Meady’s Musings Production house was dying and so we staunchly believe that was her attempt to travel into the afterlife to see where he was going but of course she wasn’t allowed to enter! And I guess rightly so…as it was not yet her time…

However now back to topic…let’s discuss that potent thing we took away from the film ‘Inception’. The idea of the subconscious fiercely looking in at ‘others’ in the dream and eventually wanting to kill them in the dream hence ending it and so eliminating them from their dream world! Well and here comes in the picture we have up today that we took while in Suzhou in China!

People watch me shoot them watching me as I ride on the boat in the canal. Suzhou, China June 2010. Copyright Meady’s Musings Production 2010.

It’s always funny to take pics of people who are taking pics of you or taking pics of some tourist site this way while you are taking another pic of some other tourist site that way! OMG! But what we found even funnier was while we were riding the boat in the canal at Suzhou folks were looking at us at the side so when we took the pictures from the boat it looked as if they were looking at us in this kind of who are these strange people be gone from our realm away already! LOL! And that’s just like how in ‘Inception’ the people in the dream who represents the dreamer’s subconscious wanted to attack people who invaded its dreamers dream! It’s funny no? Don’t you think they look that way in this pic?

It also makes us wonder just how much are our dreams really are about this subconscious. And what really is going on in our subconscious anyway? Can it really be that easily manipulated and is it ’who’ we really are? All at the Meady’s Musings Production house have a large headache now on both the conscious and subconscious level pondering that! So we give it up to these folks at Yale who the New York Times wrote about here…coffee anyone?

Until next time dream on…

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