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Monday, 19 July 2010

Maniac Mondays on the Dreams and Dreaming Series: Let's Get this Slumber Party Started Right Now!

Portrait of Quan Yin as it hung in my bedroom while on vacation, Jun 07

It's time to dream on this Maniac as followers of this blog will know on Maniac Mondays we normally discuss things that affect our day to day lives or things we are up to and as we promised in our introduction to this Dreams and Dreaming series we are going to run this series for a while (possibly a month) however it will run on each of our normal blog days-Monday, Thursday and Friday and on each of those days take on the slant of that blog day. So today we will look at Dreams and Dreaming from the Maniac Mondays point of view.

So here it it is!

Of recent weeks since our return from vacation we have been in dreams galore...night after night we recall our dreams something that doesn't always happen for us...perhaps during our time in China we were blessed by the goddess Quan Yin and she has opened us up to the world of dreams and dreaming...we for sure had a lovely first meeting with her when she made us feel so at peace and protected back in 2007 while on a visit to San Francisco. And we took a picture of her back then...we didn't know her name then as we had only met her by iconography then but from the image we felt her sailing on a dragon...sailing on the sea of our dreams with magic potion in her hand guarding us from the bad dreams that we felt the dragon symbolised, and soothing and healing us into lovely restful happy dreams sleep!:)

So as we explore dreams and dreaming from our personal experiential slant today on Maniac Mondays we will share with you a dream I had just a week after returning from vacation...however I was rudely awaken in the middle of it! By my mother no doubt! LOL! But it deeply bothered me because I so so wanted to know what would happen next...I even had it up as my Facebook status as I was so ticked! And I began to get advice from others on how to deal with it! I also specifically asked friends who I had met on the Intent online community and gotten to know there that they were into lucid dreaming, their opinion...and if they also knew if I could somehow get back to the dream to find out what happened to that guy in the brown suit! Aaawww! If only! But most of them told me you can't get back to a dream by use of lucid dreaming... Aaawww! :(

But the most marvelous conversation was triggered off as a result of this dream as three of my friends from Intent(now also my friends on Facebook) and I pondered on who this guy in the brown suit could be...

You see my re-collection of the dream went something like this!

-Well when I was awoken from the dream this guy was in a brown suit...when I say suit I don't mean like a men's suit as in your normal clothing no siry! It was something like a costume...the kind someone would wear if they were going to dress up as a cartoon character say at a children's party...the kind that covers your whole head! :) However I just knew he was wearing the suit up to his neck and still getting dressed so he hadn't put on the head part as yet. But for sure he was walking around in this brown furry suit...couldn't tell what character he was going to be...but on writing this I somehow feel it could have been a dog...a big warm friendly dog! Now the guy was getting dressed but he was very nervous...very was the key feeling I recalled...for a brief moment I had a slight worry that he was some kinda sad, sad scary psycho killer...won't even repeat the thought again here as it is so awful but I quickly ruled that out! As I more observed the guy I started to get the idea that nope this guy was indeed as nice, warm and friendly as the dog he was about to portray! His nervousness then more seemed to be about impressing a girl as he was humming a tune (don't recall the tune) and we was scrubbing himself in the face basin...looking at himself in the mirror and preening and grooming! He was moving in and out of the bedrooom area itself and the bathroom area getting dressed and I could also feel his excitement was beginning to take over his nervousness and he more and more felt elated to me than anything else! For sure it more and more seemed that he was getting ready to meet a girl whom he really really liked and wanted to impress her in his estimation she was very very important indeed! And he was just like the nicest nicest fella a girl could ever meet! I also knew the girl was going to be showing up at his door so she was in a way coming to meet him not him going to meet her but they were suppose to then head off somewhere together! Thing is I was awoken before I could have the rest of the story particular I really wanted to know where he was actually headed and more so who was this girl then???

I've not since met the guy in my dream at least not so far...but he and the dream continues to intrigue me...and as I solicited and considered advice from my Intent friends who have now become part of my Facebook network...the most fasicinating thing that came up was that one of them felt that 'a man in a brown suit' means the guy was a time traveller! From there the most marvelous daliance of our dreams and imagination unfolded...could this guy be then travelling back in time to meet this girl! :) OMG! And then it all seemed so coincidental that the friend who was suggesting the time traveller concept was also the wife of the guy whose first film ever is about a guy who travels through time to meet his beloved! And get this the actor who plays the guy in the film is Christopher Reeves - Superman! So in a sense he is a costumed actor albeit in a different role! :) So I've decided to watch the film she was talking about...'Somewhere in Time'. I will let you know how it goes as soon as I get my dvd shipped to me from Amazon and I watch it! :)

So 'What Dreams May Come' which was incidentally produced by the same guy we move forward to our next blog which will be in the Tumultuous Thrusdays slot where we will talk a bit about the metaphysical thought out there on dreams and dreaming.


Phillip said...

Very cool, Babita!

Yes, I've been having more dreams as of late too. I think it has to do with getting enough sleep.

This morning I had a vivd dream of not being able to get out of a building. Every exit was either out of order, or I was told that I couldn't use it, or required me to contort my body into an impossible shape (and getting stuck in the process!). So there I was, travelling from floor to floor, all doors leading to another hallway or room, with no exit in sight. There were plenty of other, odd details as well. I could write a book on this one dream!

Anyway, look forward to hearing more!

Elspeth said...

Nice shot of Kwan Yin.