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Friday, 15 October 2010

Blog Action Day 2010-Water for All and Global Handwashing Day!

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OMG! It's finally here...Blog Action Day 2010 and Global Handwashing Day! But if you look above you'll see the Purple Elephant and Little Mouse have been at it cleaning a while see we at the production house luckily have water but not everyone is so lucky and it's what this Blog Action Day 2010 is about!

However we have a bit of another kinda housekeeping to do before we blog on about it! The Purple Elephant and Little Mouse are all a cleaning today courtesy a member of the production house that doesn't exactly live in the house but comes over ever so often to decorate things! It's the lovely Adriana Ochoa ladies and gentlemen! Thank you again so much Adri for your always fantastic and fantabulous artwork! OMG!And such a Mexican diva you are! Just look at mi elephante morado y mi ratoncito! hardworking are those two! :) Also there will be no Funtastic Fridays posting today although we are still having some fun with a message today but just in a different format on Blog Action Day 2010! But look for Funtastic Fridays next week as we already had a treat prepared but opted to publish this blog here it goes...


Everyone needs it to live...the human body is roughly 60% water and ideally we should drink 8 glasses a day...roughly 64 ounces...but the truth is most people can't get that much to drink in many parts of the world...and if they are lucky to even get one glass well they aren't always lucky enough that it is safe for drinking...i.e. free of waterborne diseases! Aaaw and that statement just made my purple elephant's ears droop! :(

The catch too is that disease can also spread not just in water but due to a lack of water and also soap! As many diseases are spread when germs get from one person to another who has not washed their hands properly and to do that you need soap and water! Unfortunately many people have neither!

Which is why we here at the production house are so proud of the Clean the World people for getting soap to the world and celebrated their niceness on Monday last. We hope they continue the good work...and there is always a need so keep those bars coming as they are six million bars and counting! And as a result we are joining with them today to mark Global Handwashing Day!

However the problem of water still remains adrift on the sea of need...last year we here at Meady's Musings blogged quite a bit about water for Blog Action Day 2009 as it was about Climate Change but we figured they were interconnected issues...and we have also explored the fact that water is such a great need that some religions and people of the world have chosen to deify and worship it! Check out our sister blog UCP's posting on the God series about God as Water!

So how we resolve the issue of water though?

Well for starters sign the Blog Action Day 2010 petition that appears on the top left of our screen which lends a positive voice to the UN's work to bring clean, safe water to millions.

Then...well it gets harder but here are a few suggestions from the Purple Elephant and Little Mouse who are all serious now but still having fun cleaning...but they aren't wasting water at see how they are using buckets and not there!

But here is the list seriously now of a few charities involved in getting water to the world!

Clean Water for Haiti

Project Clean Water's Give a Drop

The Water Project: Clean Water to Africa and India

Give Water, Give Life

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