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Monday, 11 October 2010

Maniac Mondays: Let's Clean the World!

Photo courtesy the Clean the World website

The Purple Elephant and the Little Mouse have stepped away from their writing desks and come out of the library as today on Meady’s Musings we take a break from our writing themes as we join tails, whiskers, trunks and hands with a worthy cause! However before we go on about the cause let’s first apologize for missing last week’s Tumultuous Thursdays post but we had slipped down a rabbit hole and couldn’t return in time to write. So this coming Thursday for sure you will hear about those ‘characters in our heads’ as we continue our series on writing! But for now on with the cause…

Since the head of our Production House was off on vacation in Shanghai earlier this year she had emailed the production house to let the entire house know that when she was back we would be sure to do a post about this marvelous charity she had found out about but we’ve not put paw to keypad or trunk to pen since! She had stumbled across this charity while searching online travelling sites to find fun and interesting things and places in Shanghai…and here is what our lovely leader found…


Yes readers…SOAP…lots and lots of it! For years our leader and others at the production house had often ourselves wondered what to do with the little bits of soap that remain before the bar is all done…many of us tried to use it right down to the end…but so many of use don’t and what about all that extra soap and shampoo at hotels? It’s why these people could be found advertising on travel sites because hotels must be the biggest source….after all many guests don’t stay to use the bars to the end and well most guests won’t continue to use old bars…no siry they want new ones…so what can a hotel do with all the extra left over used soap and shampoo?

Well send it to these people if they don’t already!

The lovely people at CLEAN THE WORLD!

Six Million bars and counting! :)

And already all these hotels as listed on this linked page are Participating Partners with Clean the World.

Clean the World and their Participating Partners make us here at the Meady’s Musings Production House so happy!

And we here at the Production House are going to be stepping away from our writing desks this Friday as well to join other bloggers to celebrate Blog Action Day 2010! And guess what we are talking about...water…getting water to all the world over…aah and you know what they say about soap and water …so it’s quite fitting that those guys at Clean The World are also celebrating Global Handwashing Day on Fri 15 Oct 2010 as well! Aah…anyone for a bath?! The purple elephant is washing...he already has his scrubby thingy in his trunk!

But the reality is that many in the world don’t have clean and safe supplies of water nor enough soap! And if they did it could help reduce the risk of many a disease!

So get those pens out or fingers to keyboard and sign those petitions, send those emails, blog on! As we gear up to celebrate Blog Action Day and Global Handwashing Day to get water and soap to all the people of the world! The Purple Elephant already has his spongy thingy in his trunk as I told you and the little mouse is gathering all his old rags and buckets to collect we hear the news that the UK Foreign Office and the White House also plan to join in on Fri...HURRAY...WATER FOR THE WORLD! :)

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