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Monday, 4 October 2010

Maniac Mondays: On Writing and Location

As promised in our Funtastic Fridays post today we plan to explore the impact that the location at which you're at has on your ability to write.

Members of the production house themselves have been considering the pros and cons of it and here are some of their thoughts...

First of all location can affect our writing ability in two ways and so we shall analyze it as such:

1. A location's ability to inspire us to write. (Sometimes the location also ends up in the story as a result.)
2. A location's ability to enable us to write or not write i.e. based on it's comfort, noise level etc. (this can be summarised as a writer's workspace)

Of course often a location can serve both purposes as well...but for now let's look at point one first...


A. A. Milne himself had his enchanted place that the head of our production house herself visited earlier this year...see picture below....

And the place not only inspired him to write but it also appeared as the Enchanted Place in his literary works about that silly ole bear called Winnie the Pooh!

It must be true that awesome sights and sounds of nature can inspire writers...especially the ones who are writing about nature or animals in children books say...surely it was the significant time that Kenneth Grahame spent in the English countryside that enabled and inspired him to write about a toad, a river mouse, a mole and a badger! :) And it would have been that same countryside that inspired the stories that Richard Adams told to his children which became Watership Down! (and at the mention of that book several members of the production house screw up their faces after having to labour through its study in high school...can't say it's a fav here at the production house but certainly The Wind in the Willows and Winnie the Pooh are!)


Now everyone is not the same (just recall this blogpost that we keep having to draw reference to time and time again)...we are all unique and here for a unique purpose! So in the same way each writer is different and writers aren't all writing in the same genre. So one writer might be able to write comfortably on a train while one might need a comfy might be fine writing on a beach while one may prefer to be in a log cabin in the Canadian Rockies...some can write at home while others need to be away in a separate space...away from everyday distractions...

So here's a look at the writing spaces of some popular artists as it appears in a Guardian series called Writer's rooms.

But just remember in the end the most important space or location is the one in your head or that virtual space that you visualize where your novel pans out...where your characters meet in your head! Just remember that J.K. Rowling made do with writing her novel where ever she could afford to...because in the end what's important is...them...the your head like zombies! LOL! It's why they will form part of our Tumultuous Thursdays blogpost later this week...look for we plan to combine two blogs into one in a way...we will still keep metaphysics in mind yet talk about can't miss it! :) But in the meantime those characters are getting into you head...ZOMBIE! "Oh no...I'm not the same as I was when I woke up this morning" (and that just reminds us so much of something Alice said while in Wonderland! LOL!)So we leave you to it until Thursday...ZOMBIE!

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