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Thursday, 11 September 2008

My First Day Raw (70%)

I don't think I was fully prepared for the journey as a number of things that was suppose to be put in place before re food supply was not done...but there were seven apples in the fridge...medium size and I ate two prunes (not sure if considered raw but then I'm 70%)on my way to grabbing out five of them. I ate two apples while driving to work (I know what I'm doing I eat in spots when there are stops etc.) Then when I get to work I eat another one leaving two for lunch time.

But my office tends to be very cold for me (about 18 deg C) and because it is a shared unit with a few other offices there is always conflict as to how to control the temperature so I just wear a sweater if I need to which is usually often. Normally the sweater is left in the office but for all of this week and last I keep forgetting to bring back any sweaters since I took them home to wash. Anyway so I quickly eat two apples for lunch and I drank lots of water through out the morning but I was going crazy at lunch time...cause I was cold and bored...what do you do while others are out eating the cooked! You see right there I was experiencing major cultural, societal and habitual shifts.

I walked across the base to the other building to keep warm and meet with some of my colleagues but wait none of them back from lunch yet! So I'm cold...especially since it rained a bit today. So I decided I'm not missing coffee as for a long time the Nescafe thing I try to mix up in work was irritating me anyway cause I tend to get the proportions wrong often...but on the whole for sometime now I've not been able to stand the bitterness of coffee (this is why I like Hong Wing the best as it is not as bitter although strong) and I often find myself swabbing coffee off my tongue surface to get rid of the after taste and thinking...ugh yuck! But normally in rainy weather especially I love having tea. I have so many different boxes of tea in my office accumulated over the years. I know I'm only 70% but I don't want to introduce Splenda, caffeine and evaporated milk into that 30% not raw. So what to do?

...I recall having one box of herbal tea in the office that remained from many years ago when a colleague used to often visit my office to work with me but only drank Camomile tea...I use to look at him with some reservations back then but I look up on the web if herbal tea is permissible in rawism and it seems...esp since you can't kill nutrients in herbal tea anyway! It was interesting in checking this I realized I made the right choice in keeping some warm food on my menu cause others were saying the same bout needing soups especially in winter months. Of course I'm in the tropics but I also feel chills especially in my office so...I'm one of those who need some warming dishes winter or not. So who would have thought I had camomile tea with nothing added just plain tea...and guess what I loved it! Now I know I didn't have enough raw foods with me and I contemplated on several occasions if I could have one of the Ferrero Rocher's that I have in a gift box given to me last week or so. But I didn't want to do it just out of temptation. Cause I don't want it to spoil and I'm raw for a few more weeks I might eat one a day to finish off the last seven or so in the box. I don't think one is enough to tumble me off the raw feel not enough refinded sugar to impact much etc.

Anyway but for today I had my camomile tea and to be honest I didn't feel very hungry although cause of the coldness in between I craved huge bowls of steaming pasta with heaps of tomato sauce...but it was more associated with the need to feel warmth...

So I come home and for dinner have about 1.5 cups of yellow dhal prepared in Trinidadian styling- geera, garlic, bits of pepper, salt, oil and very thin in constituency so a very light soup. I spot some almonds in a container so eat about ten in the course of the evening and two prunes. And now I'm off to bed. I think I've eaten too few calories today but not sure...think will need to eat more fruits tomorrow and later on see if I can get more organized to have some smoothies etc prepared too. But I really do feel like a bird! Very light and sprightly! It's interesting being raw...and I'm looking forward to experiment with it in the next 20 days! And I'm sure to keep letting you know how it goes! I'm sorry for not having a picture today but was too tired to take photos for any part of this story but will try to do so for my next posting. Good Night and God Bless!

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Elspeth said...

Don't succumb to the chocolates or see it as part of your 30% non-raw. Let your 30% be healthy vegan foods, not junk food, sugars and processed, man made edibles. Make sure you're drinking enough water (at least 3 litres a day) and getting lots of greens. Also, soak your nuts before eating: