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Thursday, 25 September 2008

On My 3rd Week Raw Food Choices I Gnaw!

All photos by Meady's Musings Production, Copyright 2006-2008

As I head into my 3rd week raw I'm in a much different place than I envisioned myself being...I thought I'd be just waiting to cross the finish line of the 3rd week and probably planning to have something like a big chocolate cake or pizza waiting for me at the end! But instead here I am 2nd week raw and I'm actually thinking I could be like this for much longer? Also I don't always feel hungry...can fruits which I mostly eat all day be this filling? But certainly I'd want to eat cooked foods again and carbs but maybe not as much? Or maybe I can not make it a rule and so live raw but when I really wanted to eat something or there is this event or family gathering I can have some cooked things? Cause I hate having to turn down people when they've cooked for me. Like my mum is itching to feed me dhalpuris! many choices that are about to open up soon after I complete my 3rd week raw...hmm...I know for sure I'd want to have chocolates...although to be honest I don't care for the sugar in them so much although I can't eat more than 60% dark too cause then it gets too bitter so I must want some sweetness in them. A self proclaimed chocolate connoisseur myself I've found that the European chocs are the fine ones and the American ones are the really sugar crazed ones...I once had this box of French Chocolate Truffles and it tasted almost like fact the truffles were each garnished with a touch of cocoa a top each...mmmm...mmmm...So anyway I think cocoa can be the way to go perhaps in the future...perhaps cocoa instead of coffee...although this would not be new for me cause I've often had a cup of Cadbury's cocoa at night. I make it sinfully delicious if I do say so myself by using lots of heaped teaspoons of cocoa and Nestle's sweetened condensed milk. So it's sweet but maybe better than chocolates? But seriously could I ever live with out those decadent treats? I'm so crazy bout chocolates I even love that game on Yahoo! games called Chocolatier and I wanted to eat the chocs I created in the game so badly! I also loved that it represented a time when cocoa was still exported from my homeland of game! But back to the food choices...

I can see myself perhaps giving up coffee but to all my group members on the Hong Wing Coffee group on Facebook don't worry I've not left you and whenever I do have coffee I assure you it will be Hong Wing or at least I'll still think it's made in TT and the best! But I think I'm missing my tea...the herbal tea experience was cool and at least now I know I can do it...but I'm a tea lover...I love tea especially with all the seasonings that is now called chai in the west although it really just means tea in hindi...but yep the last thing I had that was to be not on my raw list was Twinings Voyage Indian Chai (tea)...I had that just minutes before I became raw and I soooo long for it. I also love Dilmah tea. Maybe I can try going to green tea to start with though but we will see...And maybe I'll toss my Splenda and start using sugar again but just minimize my use of it. I know some friends will hug me for that!

So let's see...let's see...I've learned that I can actually live without cheese and so many things taste so much better even without it. But I do miss my milk. I've learned that one big plate of vegetables can be enough to fill me for dinner. I've learned...I've learned...I've learned so much! So here we go one more week until my rawism is complete but then the question will remain what should Babita Dubay really eat? Veges for sure and fruits galore, less cheese and pasta and no more Splenda...

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