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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

On The Eve of My First Wk Raw(70%)

All pics are copyright of Meady's Musings Production

Tomorrow will mark my first week of being about 70% raw. Those of you following my blog will know what I mean when I say raw. If not you can catch up on my past postings to see what I mean.

I will give a full breakdown of all the details of my first week on the journey tomorrow but for tonight on the eve of the first week's end I thought I'd share with you two of the meals I've had instead of dhals or soups for dinner. Basically they are slightly cooked salads. So they fell into my 30% cooked category but really were semi-raw I'd say. I can tell you I've not been following all the 'rawist rules' and I can tell you I find those rawists remind me of what happens with religion. You are on a search like the Buddha... a nice thing someone trying to find his path... his way in the world and what's right for him and not so he can see the light. Then Bam! and Boom! somebody decided religion...rules...a rawist can do this but not that...So maybe just like with religion here I have to say maybe I'm not even a food rawist or raw or 70% raw even. Maybe I'm just a girl trying to explore different ways to eat in the world. Maybe I'm just experimenting for three weeks about what to eat or what not to eat. This is my main goal here not... to be or not to be... a rawist that is...I'm more an experimenter. I'm using these 3 wks to experience the best eating habits for me and how it improves how my body feels and reacts to food. Then I plan to incorporate this in the future in the best way I can when I'm no longer in this closed and guarded experimental I'm learning how to live life that is by looking at it more closely in these 3 weeks at least the eating aspect of life that is. Perhaps it is like putting one's own self into a rehab of sorts while still living in the world and doing your normal things! It might be interesting to do it with other aspects of our lives too...perhaps experiment this way with all the seven deadly sins of the Bible :)- lust, greed, sloth be honest I don't know all seven! But you get the point. So here is my kinda semi-raw dinners I had the first one on Sunday night (14 Sept 08) and the 2nd one was tonight. Both basically are light sautes of veges in Extra Virgin Olive Oil or as my niece tells me EVOO as Rachel Ray calls it!

Sunday's Dinner

serves one
1 tin bean sprouts (sorry true rawists I just grabbed a tin no time to sprout my own)
1/8 medium red cabagge
1 cup broccoli
1/4 large red onion
A handful of mixed nuts (I didn't realize the tub of nuts I bought on planning this was salted and slightly roasted so...and like true rawist would I have not soaked my nuts in advance...I know I'm such a disappointment to Elspeth!)
1 tsp of EVOO
few dashes of chilli pepper seeds

All of this sauteed in a hot iron pot (or other suitable) for about a minute using a tsp of EVOO and adding a few dashes of chilli pepper seeds. And below was my result...absolutely delish and a cousin passing by me eating this on my porch thought I had noodles in there and I said no! It's the bean sprouts!

Tonight's Dinner
Serves 4 and I'm happy to say my mum and niece ate it and loved it and one serving was left over which my mum plans to eat for lunch with rice tomorrow.

5 medium fresh mushrooms
1 small green pepper
2 cups broccoli
1/4 medium red cabbage
1/4 large red onion
1 small cauliflower
1 tin channa (chick peas) was from a tin in brine (I normally rinse out the brine)
1 tin of corn (sorry I used from tin again!)
3 dashes of chilli pepper seeds
3 dashes of black pepper
3 dashes of italian seasoning (a mix of spices in a bottle)
2 handful of mixed nuts (same from first recipe)
1 tbsp of EVOO

Same cooking method as first recipe and below is how it looked! Also tasted lovely! And this time my mum and niece loved it too. My niece of course had to go sprinkle grated Parmesan cheese on top of it. Said niece is in withdrawal as I've not cooked pasta or used cheese for the week and so she has not been able to eat any of those offerings from me all week! She is most distressed!

For those of you eager to know health effects which I will share more of tomorrow what I can say is imagine a car using unleaded gas and one using leaded gas! That's how I feel raw versus not! More tomorrow!

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