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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

YAY! I've Made It Through My First Week Raw!

Photo by Meady's Musings Production

The reason I put up the above pic to commemorate my first week raw is cause it's gone by just like that like a little snail crawling! And no it's not cause I've been eating raw snails as some may have thought!

I've not really been hungry this first week raw by 70% or semi-raw or whatever I might be labeled...kinda raw even? Neither do I think I've lost any significant weight so far. However it has made me realize how little we really need to eat and how much we eat just to fill up space. I had always known bout the filling up space part but I never realized how much how much more what we eat can be reduced if we are more conscious of it. How really little we need to eat to survive! I've always been the one to get the eight glasses of water in per day but this raw experience so far has made me realize just how much water our body needs. I think our bodies must need way more water than food! I think it goes with being raw though perhaps as I saw Elspeth's advice to me to get enough water perhaps 3 litres a day! I dont know if I've been drinking 3 litres but I've been trying to keep hydrated as much as possible. Sometimes I get tired to chew another apple but I never can have enough water!

Being raw isn't half bad though. Although there are times I sure wish I could eat a big, full, fancy meal like earlier this evening...I was sure missing food! And it didn't help that my mother has been consistently making dhalpuris big session since I've gone raw! But then by the time I got to eating my two small bowls of yellow dhal today and some left over water melon and paw paw from the fridge and a few nuts I snacked on in between I was quite filled!Makes you realize how much the need to have this big dreamed up meal in my head was not a real need of my body but perhaps more a projection of my mind's idea of what my body's all illusion!

I don't know if I lost any weight but I'm not doing this to lose weight although I need to lose some. But this experiment is not about weight loss. I feel much lighter and my breathing is very much like how it gets when I'm exercising regularly...I've not been exercising this week and don't plan to until the end of the three weeks only cause I'm not sure if I know what I'm doing well enough in terms of the raw stuff cause I figure even with the nuts I'm not getting more than 1000 calories a day but then I'd have lost weight although I don't weigh myself so I don't know for sure. Anyway it might not be the best for me, not exercising but in terms of the experiment this way I have only one variable. Cause I've not been exercising for a while now as I was involved in several additional activities outside of work for the past two months prior to this that made my available time for exercise much less than normal and I decided to just catch up when those things were done. So to exercise and become raw would have been two changes so two variables would have entered into the experiment. So I plan to restart exercise post raw.

But back to the health effects of my rawism. Yep I feel much lighter in a way if only in spirit and there is so much less weighing down on my digestive system I guess. I really do feel like how a car's engine must react to being given unleaded gas finally when it was built for that and was being filled up with leaded gas instead! All my fuel injectors are now unclogged of lead! So breathing is that much easier! I'm also decaffeinated now and I think this must be the reason or just the foods I'm eating as a whole but I also feel so much more at peace and restful and also able to sit and meditate even more now. I feel more still is what it is and more centered so I can just sit still in silence for much longer more easily I find.

And yes folks my not so pearly whites that were the ones who guided me to be raw...well they are feeling so much better! Poor things aren't being corroded anymore and they are so at peace with themselves now :)

So it may not be easy being raw but it's good being raw so far! Two more snailing forward weeks to go!

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