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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Arts In Action!

On Sun 12 Oct a group of friends visiting from London (two celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary)and myself chipped in at a Habitat for Humanity Project in Cunupia, Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago. The project is fondly called Veronica's House by Elspeth Duncan who is a fellow blogger and multimedia artist. For details you can check out Elspeth's blog that makes us sound much grander than we are I find! I encourage all my readers to learn more about Habitat for Humanity worldwide and in Trinidad and Tobago. . The official main site is Elspeth calls it The Foundation of Love in Action but I'd like to simply call it Arts in Action!...cause Elspeth did a documentary film called Invisible that inspired a dance that inspired me by reading her blogs and seeing the film at the TT Film Festival and part of the dance as well. Led me to tell my friend Nerissa about it. And she and her husband James had decided that since they didn't need anything in the form of material presents for their 5th wedding anniversary from friends it would be nice for them and friends to give to a charity. On hearing bout this one they decided to chip in their labour and ask friends to do the same. And there you have it below the result of this decision!-our group co-mingled with members of Habitat! Some might say Arts in Action some might say Love in Action ...perhaps truth be told its both...cause Love and the pure expression of Art comes from the same place :):

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