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Sunday, 5 October 2008

Guest Blogger Raj Dubay On You Are What You Think You Are...

Photo copyright of Meady's Musings Production 2007. Photo of dam Petrotrin, Point Ligoure, Point Fortin, Trinidad.

Imagine it, feel it, experience it, believe it, live it and yes, you will have it. Whatever you constantly focus on and think about, will eventually come to pass in your daily life. Therefore, choose your thoughts carefully.

Focus on positive, you will attract positive into your life, focus on negative and yes you will attract negative into your life.

One of the keys, is to always have good wishes for everyone you come into contact with. Even those who you may not always get along with.

By having good wishes for others, good wishes will also come into your own life. This is a natural law, it is the way things operate. Always seek to bring out the goodness in those who you come across.

Be good, do good and goodness will follow you.

As Mother Theresa has said, “It is better to be FOR good than against evil”. Always be FOR a cause, never against.

We all have problems, and as long as we continue to live we will always be faced with problems.

How we choose to bear these problems, is what matters most. Do we bear them with a smile, or do we bare them by being in a state of constant frustration?

When last have you paid a compliment to someone, especially someone close to you who needs to hear it the most?

Do it today, pay this compliment today.

Please, do not take people for granted; cherish every moment you have with your loved ones.

Be grateful, give thanks everyday for what you have, even give thanks for what you don’t have, because there is a reason for it and also give thanks for what you might have in the future.

It is in giving thanks and showing gratitude that we are transformed everyday and through which we can focus on the positive and do everyday what matters to us most.

Raj Dubay works as a Motivational Speaker and Marketing and Business Consultant in Trinidad.
You can reach Raj at 868-762-4433 or send him an email:


Anonymous said...

dat is true "you are what you think you are...." mr Raj Dubay was very good, his speech inspired me to think positive in my life. and i hope the same for others also.

meadysmusings said...

I'll let him know cn and you can also contact him at the details given at the end of the post. And thanks for your feedback!

meadysmusings said...

cn I notice you seem to be trying to find Raj's blog you can do so at