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Thursday, 2 October 2008

At the Crossroads of Being Raw...What Lies Ahead?

This is a view of Grande Riverie, Trinidad where I went on a nature retreat about a month ago...I'm using it to show my road ahead...
Photos by Meady's Musings Production Copyright 2008

Here I am 3 weeks raw complete! With what I thought would have been a truly impossible feat! Here I am! Now here's the thing...I've decided to continue to be raw! I didn't think it would be so easy far less the food would be so yum so tasty! But before I get hasty...I'm gonna do it kinda kinda so like if I feel to munch on something really really then so it shall be once it's not a member of my sentient family! And once I don't abuse it a plenty!

I've eaten a run of cooked and 'normal' food today to see but it seems it hasn't been agreeing with me! So on fruits and veges I will continue to gnaw! Therefore below is my dinner of tonight and I ate it to my heart's delight!

The things I've been missing are my tea (non herbal)and with milk (evaporated) in it. And the occasional milky dish like warm oatmeal with milk or sweet rice (kheer). In terms of carbs I feel I more miss pasta...not so much rice or flour. I thought potato but I don't know after the reaction it had in my stomach...the reaction food has been having is similar sounding to me to what people who eat meat and stuff tell me they have when they first go back to meat. And I know some who has as a result never went back!:) I don't know how raw is good or if we were meant to be and live this way and I don't think I can be fully raw and exercise frequently too after my normal day's things...but the next experiment will be to see how I can incorporate forms of exercise and raw or well kinda raw...

Of course I also love chocolate as I've kept saying and I also like ice cream and I find it nice especially when it is made as natural as possible and with the least amount of sugar possible. So today after my raw meal I've had one tablespoon of Nutella flavoured gelato (italian ice cream) and perhaps the same rule applies with European ice cream versus North American and so the gelato is probably less packed with sugar than leading North American brands. I'm also looking forward to the European chocolate that a friend is bringing for me from abroad soon...that is made from cocoa beans from Gran Couva, Trinidad which is just about 20 minutes from my home but made in France (I think). Below see the pic of the chocolate I'm hopefully soon having...pic courtesy of the website for gourmet chocolate and with below description:

'This bar is made from the finest Trinitario beans. Gran Couva is an exceptional chocolate, long roasted. The beans are from one Trinidad estate and only a limited quantity of each vintage is available. Making this a rare chocolate it has a smooth lasting taste, the initial roasted nuts and spice subdues itself progressively.'

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