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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Here I Go Raw Again!- or as I learnt the last time around Semi-Raw might be a better term for it!

Photo by Tyron Waterman 2006

This is just to let all my readers know that since my last days raw...I had gone on a very, very meandering path again and things had just gotten too out of hand yet again! The chocolates, the ice cream...mmmmm...just all the decadent treats were really more than a girl should eat! So I figured I had to come back again to the beginning and start all over again so 'Here we are, here we are, here we are again! :) I think from my last adventure raw and me calling it then 70% raw what I can say is I've learnt that the more smart sounding word to define my current eating approach might be semi-raw. So Hoorah! Hoorah!...Hoorah! Hoorah! Hoorah! Here I go again...semi-raw! It took a lot to get back to this day as I kept putting it off about a week it really is with a Hippy Hippy Hooray! that I say from now until Christmas Day I will be semi-raw again!:) YAY!


Elspeth said...

Congrats! Best of luck - should be easy. I like how your semi-raw cuts off on Christmas Day! Christmas cake, etc calling you? This will be my first raw Christmas ... so will see what treats I can whip up. I'm going to try for actual cakes, etc.

Paulo said...

I like your blog.

meadysmusings said...

Thanks Elspeth...good luck with your raw cakes! I admire your tenacity with that...but yep I've seen the pics of the raw cakes and they look as delicious as normal cake. I think I might have to in actuality cut off on Christmas eve as might try to have a party on that night and forgot that Christmas eve is also busy with things...but if I'm semi-raw I guess I can be raw all that day (which is mostly fruits)and then eat my choice of things for dinner. As you know I'm already vegetarian full time and since birth typical christmas feasting anyway but there are lots of decadent unhealthy treats and things you can eat that are vegetarian too! I might have to use my semi-raw card in days between too if we have company lunches etc...but will try as best to balance it. But yep exciting to do this leading up and ending on Christmas...esp as Boxing day is my bday!

Hi Paulo (Carlos) glad you like my blog...I'll check out your site too..look fwd to you commenting and sharing here...

Elspeth said...

I'll definitely post about the cakes, etc when I try them.