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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Smile! It's All Coming Together...

I had been meaning to share with my readers something that happened to me last week as it happened but in all my excitement as a part-time, at night after my full time job blogger...well I...I fell asleep! I was excited bout the whole thing and then got all so worked up checking out the film, the related sites and processing all of it in my head and this and that...and so I expended so much of my remaining of the day's energy I just fell asleep...didn't even have dinner...and then the next few days the excitement wasn't there...this was last week Tues 18 Nov I only know the exact day cause I had saved the link to the film on a word document under the title smile not to lose it and the document was created on that day. The thing is then as the days rolled on even more things unfolded but I was just too tired to blog it! But perhaps it was the universe's way to allow more to unfold before I got up to blog about it! Who knows...q'est que c'est...who knows what it is...? However as I didn't blog it right away another event occurred that could be seen as totally random and meaningless or as very serendipitous etc. Although I yet don't know what is the greater plan or now here's the story...

Fellow blogger Elspeth Duncan who many times inspires me to go off on something in my own way after she has posted it...had posted up this link to a film that was sent to her by a friend. She had said the film was just bout 19 mins long I think it was and how her readers should view seems the title of the film is Validation cause I can see it being the title although Im not 100% sure now if the title appeared anywhere. As a result she had titled her blog that too. However on watching the film I more thought of it as Smile! I'd call it Smile! if I had to name it...SMILE!...and though in many ways the film can be seen as corny it really was a lovely film! And it made me think too how true it is for all of us in life really? And how many of us are somewhere along that journey the man was on in the film...and at what point are we? I guess we can all ask ourselves these questions...our stories might not be exactly the same and of course the film strips it down to the very basic and generic core which is what makes it a bit corny but of course also simple. I mean maybe we again find love or a smile from another person but we do in the end...or maybe many of us are grumpy cause of the same thing that happened to that man in the film or the girl...but it's so cool that when he got his smile on again even after her refusal he inspires again and what was meant to be then unfolded on its on in its own time...that little film has a multitude of little lessons if you go into's very lovely and powerful! Of course me going on about it so abstractly might have lost you but you just have to watch the film which I'm going to link below.

However before I do that I want to let you know the serendipitous or synchronous things that happened to me after checking out this film. I realized that the film's origin is on this site Spirtual Cinema Circle and it was so lovely to find that! If you check it out you will see why...then I realize one of the founders of it, Stephen Simon had his hands in some way involved in some of my really fav films like What Dreams May Come and, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Of course I also find Deepak Chopra reviewing the site positively but he is all over the place in spiritual media stuff so perhaps not such a coincidence but still since I'm a member of the Intent community as well so even that was already another synchronicity perhaps? Then I realize that there is another online community affiliated with this cinema site called Gaia. I was too sleepy and information overloaded to join which is by the way one of my Intents on not suffer from information overload! So I must have fell asleep but then a few days later on Intent a guy joins on first as a community member blogger but then quickly moves to the Intent Voice side of the page...I find his stuff interesting...but guess what?! It's only a while after and as more information about him comes up I realize that he, Brian Johnson is actually the founder of a company called Zaadz which he has now sold and is which is now Gaia! So what you think? Coincidence? Or Serendipitous? Or Synchronous? Or just plain and simply nothingnous? :) I don't know...Je ne sais pas...Hum na jaane...But in my mind the whole thing keeps being visualized as a set of water droplets or like moving celluloid type beads sort of just merging together till they form bigger and bigger droplets...and it reminds me of the Big Blue Marble song that I dedicated to Mallika Chopra and the Intent community in the past and was also reminded of by Elspeth..."closer...getting closer" Whatever it means or not interesting isn't it? N'est pas? Non?

I've tried to find a pic that best illustrates my visualization cause a good visual might also be how water droplets on a well polished car start sliding into each other...or if you excuse my engineering terms here, like how water in emulsions separate from the oil say and coalesce attracting like I guess and being repelled from the unlike? Dunno? Plus I'm not for segregation...Anyway I can't find any of my own pics that would best show it so I've burrowed this doesn't say it is copyrighted and it's from this link also I'm not using this pic to for any profit so hope it is OK.

JPG (JPEG Image, 640x426 pixels)

And finally you can go off and enjoy the lovely little film and let me know what you think if you like...

Closer...getting closer...


Elspeth said...

Great analogy with the water droplets!

meadysmusings said...

Thanks I really kept seeing it in my head...I've had these detailed visualizations of things in pictures over the last few mths now...dont think I ever blogged bout the one that was related to the diwali photo comp I managed for my company celebs and then had this tree in my head that then saw on my Tobago weekend! I'll post it soon I think...