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Sunday, 30 November 2008

"Thank You India...Thank You Terror"-Alanis Morissette

The night before Thanksgiving day in the US this year...just a few days ago really Mumbai in India underwent a 'terror attack'. On Thanksgiving day fellow blogger Elspeth Duncan put up this post about how she was talking with a friend in the car on the way to an event and they decided to honour the North American festival in a sense by saying thank yous to each other...then right after they said their thank yous...well guess what?...Alanis Morisette's Thank You came on the radio!

That got me to thinking bout how often when were are chatting or reading or saying something the word is then said right after on TV...what's up with that? coincidence or some kinda of network or fabric in the universe that hooks us all up in some way...transcending space and time and all of that! And Elspeth's post came up just after I had done two posts one, about how things seem to be just coming together in some way like I guess it is what can be called networking but I just kept meeting this person or doing this thing that leads to this thing and I visualized it like water droplets coming together. And another one bout the power of visualization and how I had visualised or perhaps even in a sense had a premonition of a tree!

Then within all of that I read Elspeth's blog and looked at the words she pasted for Alanis Morissette's lyrics for the song-Thank You. And just makes you wonder...can all these things further be linked to the fact that just the night before India had the terror attacks...pure coincidence? A terrorist fascinated with her music? Or the same thinking that India representing a land of peace especially to so many Americans nowadays with the New Age religion etc and being the land of Ahimsa-Non-Violence and Mahatma Gandhi and all was it the terrorist sick way of contrasting peace versus terror...putting them side by side on America's Thanksgiving? And in doing so they coincidentally expressed with actions what Alanis expressed in song? You know Thank You India-as it has given us the Mahatma and Ahimsa and Satyagraha...Non-violence and the practice of using non-violent resistance started by the Mahatma to resolve political issues versus Thank You Terror-as in being the total opposite in this is the use of violent acts against civilians to resolve political issues and God knows how resolution is sought by this anyway. But I guess in song it is Alanis Morissette's way of embracing the opposites...the yin and the yang and thanking them all for it is all that propels her and the universe itself to unfold as it should?

I still can't Thank Terror cause of the hurt it causes but perhaps those souls involved it was their purpose on earth to take part in the dance so that the universe could unfold...perhaps such acts are what propels us forward for it makes us wake up as a world and look, listen, feel and causes us then to be the change we want to perhaps what we do now post terror will decide how things will continue to unfold...? And I leave you with that Alanis song that leaves us with much more to think about too...

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