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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Gran Couva Cocoa Makes the Finest Chocolate!

I know I've been neglectful to whoever out there in the great big blogosphere that might be following this blog...but guess as the overused phrase goes aka cliche- Life Happens! So yes I have had that chocolate some time now and I've just been too neglectful of readers to let them know and I do humbly apologise to ya- Oh Great Ones! But yep on Sunday 19 Oct I had my first bite of Gran Couva 2007 limited edition. I got it as a present the night before in Tobago as part of my friends and they of House Building fame 5th wedding anniversary celebrations! After dinner the female of the pair gave all other females in the party a bar each of Gran Couva. They also had a sampling of different champagne and a make shift speech by the Best Man of 5 years ago fame! But Teetotaler that I am I didn't sample the liquid stuff! But then to my surprise...

My friend, who was suppose to bring me a bar and never did respond when I inquired if she had remembered to get it or it had delivered on time, brought something out. It was the chocolate! I then realised she had been keeping it as a surprise of sorts and she had just decided to get lots and give each female guest one...I guess cause more gals are into chocolates than guys? Or at least in that group of people perhaps? None the less I got my bar! :) The funny message that came after we all got the chocs though was that my friend had not refrigerated it. So it had traveled from London to TT in all the variations of temperature. I can't say I got the logic of going through the trouble of getting so many vintage bars of chocolate and then leaving them out of the fridge in the tropical heat but I think my friend's room was air conditioned on and off. She went on to say that of course she has just had them lying around in her suitcase the whole time so they may very well be just one melted one blob by now...But then one of the girls said it's dark chocolate and so no it would not have melted?! Now I didn't believe the girl who said it would not have melted cause I've had another girl bring me Cadbury's Bournville already (a dark chocolate when it had temporarily become unavailable here in TT) and that blob thing...happened big time! Now I'm not going into all of this to knock my friend who was nice enough to get me the chocolate in all the hassle of travel and other plans and it may have cost her bout 3.5pds sterling too I think! I'm going into all of this so that you will get this bout this chocolate!

Lo and behold the girl who said bout the dark chocolate was right well at least for dark chocolate of this percentage and quality! The chocolate had not melted a bit! It even had all the writing engraved on it intact! WOW! And it tasted like the finest quality cocoa in the world from Gran Couva in Trinidad of course!:) It tasted not sweet but yet not has to be the finest dark chocolate I've ever eaten! HOORAY! It truly is just like Hong Wing Coffee then! Made in TT and the Best! (of my first blog ever fame!)Well at least the cocoa that is! As in the cocoa is from TT but the chocolate made in Europe. But I'll have to tell you the cocoa taste was so full in had to be the cocoa that made this chocolate what it is! Below are some more shots of the finest which was from a 2007 collection of bars. And you know what? Inspired by my first blog ever I think I'm going to start A Best Chocolate in the World poll!


Elspeth said...

I think I had a sample of this a good while ago. I remember it being good.

meadysmusings said...

Oh you should vote in my poll...I couldn't vote for just many good chocolates out there so I set up the poll for more than one choice allowed! You know I see there are a lot of raw chocolate recipes out there using things like honey and agave? I really think its just the cocoa that matters in the end but I don't like when it is so dark it's bitter! Haven't a clue what agave is...I plan to try the semi-raw thing again for a few wks leading up to Christmas but I might have to break it on days if have Christmas things for work but at least I can eat a bit healthier in between a good few days until the Christmas weeekend!